The green fiends that rise up from the cemetery are called Zombons. They're mostly small, but steer clear. They'll turn you into Zombons if they have their way. Attack any of your friends-turned-fiends immediately to break the curse.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Zombon is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is an undead variant of Beanbon.

Physical Appearance

Zombon has a similar appearance to Beanbon. It is sickly green color with faint dark green spots. It has red eyes and a leaf that has been chewed and tattered. It also has purple feet and a stitched mouth.


Kirby Mass Attack

Zombon appears in many of the stages in Volcano Valley, starting with Stage 4. It functionally replaces Mummbon from Sandy Canyon; it emerges from the ground, shoots slime blobs to encapsulate the Kirbys, and can resurrect itself shortly after defeat. Like other members of the Beanbon family, few Kirbys are required to defeat it.

Unlike the purple venom produced by Mummbon, which KOs Kirbys who fall victim to it, Zombon's red gunk projectiles contain curse properties. If a Kirby is encased in the gel and is not rescued through rapid stylus taps, he is transformed into a Zombon. The Zombon-ified Kirby does not attack his former teammates but burrows into the ground if left alone—this reduces the player's Kirby count by one. Defeating the zombified Kirby is the key to restoring him.

Stage 8 of Volcano Valley contains a wasteland full of Zombons at the end. When Rock hand charges at the Skull Tower for the last time, the Kirbys must fire themselves out of an autocannon at it. Should they fail to shatter the enemy, they are knocked out of the air and cascade into the wasteland. Here, Zombons emerge from the ground and ceilings in an attempt to ambush the Kirbys.

Flapbon can produce and dispense Zombons. A large variant of the enemy, Big Zombon, appears in Volcano Valley as well.


Zombon's name is a portmanteau of zombie and Beanbon.



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