The green fiends that rise up from the cemetery are called Zombons. They're mostly small, but steer clear. They'll turn you into Zombons if they have their way. Attack any of your friends-turned-fiends immediately to break the curse.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Zombons are regular enemies in Kirby Mass Attack. They play the role as the weakest enemy in certain levels of Volcano Valley and replace Mummbons from the Sandy Canyon. Like the Mummbon, the Zombon can revive itself after it has been defeated by coming up from the ground again.

A wasteland full of Zombons is hidden in Stage 8 of Volcano Valley. When Rock hand charges at the Skull Tower for the last time, the Kirbys must fire themselves out of an autocannon at it. Instead of defeating it, however, the player must fail to it, and the Kirbys will fall into a wasteland. Here, Zombons come up from the ground and the ceiling in an attempt to attack the Kirbys. Big Zombons appear here as well.

Physical Appearance

Zombon has a similar appearance to Beanbon. It has red eyes and a leaf that has been chewed and tattered. It is sickly green color with faint dark green spots. It also has purple feet and a stitched mouth.


Kirby Mass Attack

Zombons attack by shooting a red blob at the Kirbys. The player must tap the Kirby to save it. If he or she takes too long to pop the bubble, the Kirby will turn into a Zombon. If the Zombon-fied Kirby is left alone long enough, it will burrow into the ground, bringing down the player's Kirby count by one. Attacking the zombified Kirby will transform him back.


Zombon's name is a portmanteau of zombie and Beanbon.


  • A Zombon-fied Kirby will not attack other Kirbys, unlike regular Zombons.