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The icon for the Zap element

Zap (previously called Thunder) is an element in the Kirby series.

General Information

Zap is the electricity-based element. Copy Abilities such as Spark, Beam, and Plasma excel at using this element, but it can also be found in other abilities and Dream Friends. Zap is used for electrifying water and metal surfaces and powering wires, and is very effective against metal- and water-based enemies.

Copy Abilities Moves
KTD Spark icon
All moves
KSA Beam Ability Icon
All moves
KSA Plasma Icon
All moves
KSA ESP Ability Icon
All moves
KPR UFO icon
Chain Beam
Star Guard
KPR Doctor icon
Science Lab (electric)
Dream Friends
KSA Adeleine & Ribbon Icon
Ado's Painter (Kracko)
KSA Daroach Icon
Summon Doc
KSA Magolor Icon
Magic Sphere
Revolution Orbs
KSA Taranza Icon
Queen's Phantom
KSA Three Mage-Sisters Icon
Zan Partizanne
Any attack that involves Zan Partizanne


Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Spark and Beam specialize in the thunder element; UFO's Chain Beam also has the thunder element. Thunder is effective against metallic enemies such as Heavy Knight and Metal Guardian. It is also the only element capable of damaging Mega Titan, as all other attacks will simply knock him around; Titan Head, however, can be damaged normally.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

Kirby: Squeak Squad makes a more prominent focus on the Fire, Thunder, and Ice elements compared to previous games. The thunder element can electrify the surfaces of water and metal. Copy Abilities with these elements, Spark and Beam, can be obtained by mixing Ability bubbles until green bubbles appear; UFO also has moves with the thunder element.

The Wheel Ability Scroll allows Kirby's wheel form to pick up the thunder element when crossing sparks. The Sword Scroll allows the player to mix Sword with Spark to obtain the Thunder Sword, which simply acts as the Sword Copy Ability, but all of the moves do electric damage. The Bomb Scroll allows the player to mix Bomb with Spark to obtain the Thunder Bomb, which simply acts as the Bomb Copy Ability, but all of the moves do electric damage.

Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies brings a greater focus on using abilities in tangent with one another in order to create Friend Abilities. The Zap element is found in Beam, Plasma, ESP, Adeleine's Ado's Painter as Kracko, and Daroach's Summon Doc. Zap can electrify the surface of water and power wires. Zap can be used in conjunction with the following Copy Abilities and Dream Friends to perform these Friend Abilities:

Zap Splasher initiates Water's Geyser and causes bolts of electricity to fly out. The other Friend Abilities serve the same purpose as the Sword and Bomb Ability Scrolls but have additional modifications to make them more unique, such as lightning bolts and electric fields. Like other elements, it increases the strength of all attacks by 25%.


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