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Yonkoma or 4-koma refers to a comic strip format commonly used in Japan, especially for comedy manga. These strips usually revolve around gag punchlines. Many Kirby series games have been officially adapted into Yonkoma manga anthology volumes, published in Japan by Kobunsha, Enix (Square Enix) and Futabasha.

These books are comprised of contributions from a large number of different manga artists. Each chapter is dedicated to showcasing the work of a different artist. The tone of the comic strips is very light-hearted and humorous, with many strips poking fun at the characters, character relationships, and gameplay aspects of each game in a winking, almost satirical fashion. The self-contained 4-koma strips are all dedicated to a single gag that is completed in the fourth panel, and there is usually no continuity from one strip to the next. Kirby is depicted as being able to speak normally in these comics. The portrayal of the characters and setting varies from artist to artist, but remains fairly consistent across each anthology.

List of yonkoma Kirby manga

Complete list of all officially licensed books and comics related to the Kirby series released to date (in Japanese)

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