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Yarn Whip is a move in the Kirby series, appearing in Kirby's Epic Yarn and its remake, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. The move can be executed by Kirby or Prince Fluff to uncover stickers and other hidden collectables, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies.

General Information

Granted to Kirby by use of the Metamato, the Yarn Whip serves as the main means of interaction with the environment of Patch Land for Kirby and Prince Fluff. Resembling a strand of pink (or blue) yarn with a star at the end, the move takes the place of Kirby's regular inhale as the main move in the game. It has many abilities:

  • The Yarn Whip serves as the primary means of unraveling and defeating regular enemies, large enemies and bosses in the game. Once defeated, most enemies may be turned into a Yarn Ball using the Roll Up move. These may be thrown as an attack. The size of this Yarn Ball normally depends on the size of the enemy used.
  • The Yarn Whip may be used to destroy environmental objects, such as Yarn Blocks, and peel off Patches.
  • The Yarn Whip can be used to manipulate elements such as buttons, zippers, seams, lanterns, and other objects that appear in the world.
  • The Yarn Whip can be used to execute certain Transformations, such as Pendulum, Strength, and Top. However, the only transformation during which Kirby and Prince Fluff may use the Yarn Whip is Submarine.

Use of Metamortex abilities render Kirby and Prince Fluff unable to use the Yarn Whip.

Additionally, in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, the Yarn Whip move can be augmented through the use of certain Ravel Abilities in different ways:

  • The Knitting Needles Ravel Ability allows Kirby to create Yarn Balls without using an enemy, in addition to Yarn Balls of larger size when wrapping an enemy.
  • The Button Ravel Ability allows the Yarn Whip to produce a bomb if it does not grab an enemy or object.
  • The Marking Pins Ravel Ability causes Kirby's Yarn Whip attack to be accompanied by the flinging of three pins a short distance.