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Very well. You will have the chance to prove it.
— Yamikage • to Benikage, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Yamikage is a villain in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! appearing in the episode Ninja Binge. He is not actually a monster, nor was he created by Nightmare. Rather, he was once a member of the Ninja Special Forces of the Galaxy Soldier Army, but eventually defected to the side of the Emperor of Darkness, Nightmare. That fact is proven when he is seen riding on top of the head of a massive silver dragon, which is just one of Nightmare's kaiju-esque monsters seen in Meta Knight's flashbacks.

Years later, King Dedede purchased Yamikage to help him steal back Benikage's "failing" report card - which everyone thought was a ninja scroll! Benikage's curiosity almost gets him killed when he challenges Yamikage, but luckily, Kirby steps in to save the day as Ninja Kirby, and quickly overpowers Yamikage. Afterwards, Yamikage retreats, and is last seen running through the woods, promising revenge on both Kirby and Meta Knight. Strangely enough, he never comes back afterwards, so therefore he remains a mystery.

Yamikage is shown to have a very cocky and sarcastic personality. However, being a ninja, he, too, is skilled in ninjutsu, being capable of using different kinds of jutsu powers, as well as throwing shurikens and kunai, as well as showing excellency with his katana. He is also shown to have a grudge against Meta Knight, and, most recently, Kirby. Despite said grudge along with his betrayal against the Galaxy Soldier Army, however, he still seems to retain some honor, saying that he doesn't steal from anyone, only agreeing to help King Dedede and Escargoon take back the report card of Benikage's that everyone mistook for a ninja scroll.

Yamikage also had a small cameo as a mini-figure in the two-part Snack Attack episode.

Physical Appearance

Yamikage appears to be shaped like an upside-down egg with sunken-in red eyes and a scar on his left eye. He wears black ninja clothing and has a brown ponytail, and wears a katana's sheath on his back. Yamikage also dons brown sandals and knuckle dusters to boot.


His name, ヤミカゲ (Yamikage), comes from the Japanese word for dark/darkness, やみ/闇 (yami); and the Japanese word for shadow, かげ/影 (kage), which is often used in ninja names.


I want that scroll. Do not challenge me, or you will regret it.
— Yamikage to Benikage • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!



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