Yadogaine is a boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby: Squeak Squad.

Physical Appearance

Yadogaine is a colossal robot built and piloted by Doc. It is designed to resemble a hermit crab with a spiky green shell. It has two pointed feet at its front, glowing red eyes, and four teeth on the front of its face. Doc is visible behind a porthole in the top of the head. Yadogaine does not appear to have any other legs and seems to drag itself across the ground using its front legs.


Kirby: Squeak Squad

Yadogaine serves as the boss of Jam Jungle. After Daroach points and floats away, the screen begins scrolling to the left. Yadogaine emerges from the left side of the screen and chases Kirby. Boulders and Gordos fall from the sky as the robot stomps forward. It has two attacks: It fires large lasers across the stage at ground-level and digs its legs into the ground, launching blocks of stone forward. The former attack burns Kirby when it hits.

As Kirby deals damage to Yadogaine, its features are gradually destroyed. The legs break off one at a time first, so it becomes unable to use its digging attack. The robot's speed decreases and projectiles stop falling from the sky as well. Much of the face is destroyed next, making it unable to fire lasers. Yadogaine is then defenseless and can be swiftly defeated.


Yadogaine's name comes from the Japanese word for hermit crab, ヤドカリ/やどかり/宿借り (yadokari).


  • Yadogaine is similar to Heavy Lobster because both are an enemy to Kirby, both are oversized robots, and both are based on animals with exoskeletons.
  • Yadogaine is immune to the damaging effect of Invincible Candy.



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