Slow on the ground, but a great glider
— Flavor text • Kirby Air Ride

The Winged Star is a playable Air Ride Machine in Kirby Air Ride and is one of the machines ridden by the Air Riders in Air-Ride-in-Style Parts I and II in the anime. The Winged Star excels at gliding, losing only to the legendary machines (Dragoon and Hydra) and the Flight Warp Star (which can only be played in Free Mode in City Trial).

The Winged Star is unique in that upon landing from a glide, it can bounce off the ground and continue to glide. This way, the player can keep gliding indefinitely, as long as the machine is allowed to bounce. This allows the Winged Star to keep up with faster machines, since its speed increases to over 32 miles per hour in the air (faster than most other machines).

The Winged Star provides optimal performance in the Air Glider stadium event. Without any bonuses, it also does the best in Target Flight, since it can stay in the air an ample amount of time and glides smoothly and slowly, allowing a player to make their choice with a considerable amount of time.

Other games

The Winged Star is one of the pictures Paint Roller draws in the Kirby: Canvas Curse mini-game, Paint Panic.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Now, meet and greet the Winged Star. It's slow when it's low, but when the Winged Star's in the sky, it flies high!
— N.M.E. Sales Guy • Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I

The Winged Star in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

The Winged Star appeared in Kirby: Right Back At Ya! in two episodes, Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I and II. The first time an Air Rider attacked Kirby with his flail destroying the Rocket Star, but Kirby turns into Iron Kirby by inhaling his flail, destroying him. While this was all a dream, he later steals a real Winged Star in which he uses for the rest of the episode.



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