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A wintry stage that's covered in ice and snow.
— Official European Kirby's Return to Dream Land website

White Wafers is the fourth level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

General Information

White Wafers is a snow-themed world, with levels featuring blankets of snow and slippery ice platforms. Huge cryovolcanoes tower over the horizon - possibly the cause of the wintery landscape, as well as numerous geysers that expel a Mopoo every so often and frozen caverns that burrow deep underground. Ice-bearing enemies, such as Snowls and Chillys, and Fire-bearing enemies, such as Galbos are especially common amongst the levels. The world introduces Ice Blocks and Fire Blocks, which can only be destroyed by using specific abilities. Kirby can use Super Abilities to clear the way in some stages, revealing dimensional rifts.

White Wafers contains six stages. The mid-boss of the first stage is Gigant Edge, the mid-bosses of the second stage are Super Bonkers and Spark Sphere Doomer, the mid-boss of the third stage is Water Galboros, and the mid-boss of the fourth stage is Spark Sphere Doomer. The boss of White Wafers is Goriath, who guards the Emblem of the Lor Starcutter.

Copy Abilities

KRtDL Beam icon.pngKRtDL Beam UI.png
KRtDL Bomb icon.pngKRtDL Bomb UI.png
KRtDL Cutter icon.pngKRtDL Cutter UI.png
KRtDL Fighter icon.pngKRtDL Fighter UI.png
KRtDL Fire icon.pngKRtDL Fire UI.png
KRtDL Ice icon.pngKRtDL Ice UI.png
KRtDL Leaf icon.pngKRtDL Leaf UI.png
KRtDL Mike icon.pngKRtDL Mike UI.png
KRtDL Needle icon.pngKRtDL Needle UI.png
KRtDL Ninja icon.pngKRtDL Ninja UI.png
KRtDL Spark icon.pngKRtDL Spark UI.png
KRtDL Spear icon.pngKRtDL Spear UI.png
KRtDL Stone icon.pngKRtDL Stone UI.png
KRtDL Sword icon.pngKRtDL Sword UI.png
KRtDL Water icon.pngKRtDL Water UI.png
KRtDL Whip icon.pngKRtDL Whip UI.png

Super Abilities

KRtDL Grand Hammer icon.png
KRtDL Grand Hammer UI.png
Grand Hammer
KRtDL Snow Bowl icon.png
KRtDL Snow Bowl UI.png
Snow Bowl

Energy Spheres

Stage 1

  1. Use Fire from Galbo to melt Ice Blocks.
  2. In the room with the Cannons, shoot upward into a hole in the ceiling instead of shooting at the Togekukis.
  3. In the open area of the cannon room, aim to the green cannon to the bottom right, and then aim bottom-left into a cannon near the abyss.

Stage 2

  1. Use Fire to light the fuse of a cannon.
  2. Use the second Stomper Boot to destroy the Durable Blocks and bounce on the Mopoos.
  3. Use Grand Hammer's Super Hammer Plus to pound one of the the large Strike Boxes. This will reveal a Dimensional rift zone. Defeat the Spark Sphere Doomer at the end of the Dimensional rift zone.
  4. Defeat the Green Sphere Doomer at the end of the Dimensional rift zone.

Stage 3

  1. Obtain Spear from Lanzer in the first room, use it to hit a Switch in the next room.
  2. Use the Invisibility Stone and Fire. The Invisibility Stone allows the player to pass through ice balls; Fire is used to melt Ice Blocks obstructing a ladder. Once all of the Ice Blocks are melted, grab the Invisibility Stone and climb up the ladder. Then, pass through the crystal wall and the ice balls. Let go of the Invisibility Stone to destroy the Bomb Block before grabbing it again to pass through the giant ice ball.
  3. Obtain Cutter from Sir Kibble. Use Hyper Boomerang to that it can bounce off the wall and cut the string suspending the heavy platform. After entering the optional room, use Hyper Cutter to hit the Switch, allowing the giant ice ball to fall.
  4. Use Water from Water Galboros to hit the Switch while on the rising platform and holding a Key. Bring the Key to the lock.

Stage 4

  1. In the second room, jump into the Cannon.
  2. Race the Key Dee. Bring the Key to the lock with the Energy Sphere behind it instead of the one with Scarfies behind it.
  3. Use Snow Bowl to complete the snowman. This will reveal a Dimensional rift.
  4. Defeat the Green Sphere Doomer at the end of the Dimensional rift zone.

Stage 5

  1. After obtaining the Crackler, there is an optional room in between the moving platforms. Enter the optional room and use the Crackler to destroy the Metal Blocks.
  2. Obtain Fire from Galbo in the room with the Crackler and Coldtzos. In the next room, melt the Ice Blocks to reveal an optional room. I the optional room, destroy the Bomb Block an make it to the end. In the first section, jump before the Bomb Block chain reaches the raised part of the floor; in the second section, take the lower route; in the third section, float up to the top before the Bomb Block chain reaches the raised part of the floor. After passing the blocks created, keep running.
  3. In the dark room, use the first Candle or Fire to melt the Ice Blocks to reveal an optional room. In the optional room, use Ice from Chilly to freeze a Mopoo and kick it at the Switch.
  4. Bring the Key to the locked door on the left.

Stage 6

  1. Defeat Goriath to obtain the Emblem.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ホワイト ウェハース Officially romanized as White Wafer.
English White Waters
Simplified Chinese 白色威化 Translates to White Wafer.
German Endlose Eiswaffeln Translates to Endless Ice Cream Wafers.
French Falaise frissonnante Translates to Shivering cliff.
Italian Monte Meringa Translates to Meringue Mountain.
Carámbanos Caramelo Translates to Candy Icicles.
(Latin America)
Ocaso de Obleas Translates to Wafers Sunset.


  • The method of obtaining the third Energy Sphere in Stage 1 of White Wafers, as well as all of the bananas obtained for doing so, is a reference to Donkey Kong Country, specifically the method of obtaining the letter G in Snow Barrel Blast.
  • One of the tunes in Stage 5 was reused as the music for the EX Stage of Overload Ocean in Kirby: Planet Robobot.
  • The music that plays in the beginning of Stage 1 is similar to Shiver Star's music from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.