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Blocks are arranged in three rows at the top of the screen. Hit as many blocks as you can.
— Instruction manual description • Kirby's Pinball Land

Whispy Woods Bonus Game[1] is a sub-game in Kirby's Pinball Land. It can be played in Whispy Woods Land. Kirby must line up three stars in the slot machine on the middle stage. A Warp Star will appear and move across the screen. Kirby may hitch a ride on it and head straight to this sub-game if the player so desires.


To score points, two Kirbys must hit and destroy three layers of blocks toward the top of the screen. Walking along the top layer is a Waddle Dee. The player must destroy enough blocks to get up to the enemy, and then destroy it. If a two-block gap is created and the enemy reaches it, it will slowly descend  into the lower portion of the screen, making it an easier target; if the Kirbys do not hit it fast enough, it will fall off the screen. When both Kirbys are safely below the remains of the block layers, all the bricks will be replaced with new ones. A Broom Hatter will replace the Waddle Dee, and the Kirbys must repeat the action. If the Broom Hatter is defeated before the time runs out, all the blocks will be replaced and a 1UP will take the enemy's place. As one might expect, the player must break blocks to get to it, and destroy it.

When the time limit of 60 seconds is up, the flippers will be disabled, and the Warp Star will once again appear. When one of the Kirbys lands on it, the game will end, and Kirby will travel to the top level of Whispy Woods Land.


  • The first block destroyed is worth 100 points, the second is worth 200, the third is worth 300, etc.
    • The block hit after the one worth 500 points will earn the player a "+B (Bonus Points)," and the block hit after the one worth 1000 points will earn the player a "+M (Bonus Multiplier)."
      • After the block worth "+M" is broken, the cycle starts over, with the next block being worth 100 points again.
  • The Waddle Dee is worth 5000 points.
  • The Broom Hatter is worth 10000 points.
  • The 1UP earns the player another life.
    • Once the player gets the 1UP, another 1UP appears. All the player can try to get are 1UPs until time is up.


  • There is an extremely low chance that Gaspar appears in place of Waddle Dee.
  • The Whispy Woods Bonus Game is largely based on Bonus Stage 1 from Revenge of the 'Gator, a Game Boy game developed by HAL Laboratory in 1989.[2]