Jumps up very high. Charge up for quick rotation.
— Wheelie Scooter's Flavor Text • Kirby: Air Ride

The Wheelie Scooter is a type of Wheelie machine that appears in Kirby Air Ride. Kirby also rides it in an episode of the anime.


It is very unlike the other bikes, with the best control in the game and low top speed. While in the air (especially after going off of something such as a ramp), the Wheelie Scooter's speed increases, making jumps vital for success. The Wheelie Bike is best known for its excellent jump stat.


KAR Patch HP 35
KAR Patch Offense 47
KAR Patch Charge 90
KAR Patch Defense 33
KAR Patch Turn 100
KAR Patch TopSpeed 37
KAR Patch Boost 57
KAR Patch Weight 39
Wheelieriderjump 90


  • Best handling in the game.
  • Best jump height of all Wheelies, and even outperforms some Air Machines.
  • Fast charging speed in the game.


  • Fairly light.
  • Poor defense.
  • Poor offense.
  • Low top speed.
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