Jumps up very high. Charge up for quick rotation.
— Wheelie Scooter's Flavor text • Kirby Air Ride

The Wheelie Scooter is a Wheelie Bike-like Air Ride Machine that appears in Kirby Air Ride. Kirby also rides it in an episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It appears to be based off of a motor scooter, having similar mechanics as well as a similar appearance.

Unlike the other bike machines, the Wheelie Scooter has an excellent jump stat, the second highest acceleration (tied with Meta Knight), and the highest charging speed in the game. It also has excellent handling, and while charging, can turn on a dime. However, its Top Speed is very low (tying with the Shadow Star and Jet Star), and it is very light, with low HP, offense, and defense.

In Destruction Derbies and Kirby Melees, the Wheelie Scooter is only adept at camping (with certain abilities) and stalling. Otherwise, it is easily knocked out, and its spin and ram attacks do very little damage.

In the Anime

Wheelie Scooter appears in the episode Born to Be Mild - Part II. Kirby rides it in his race with Fang. The Wheelie Scooter's appearance is the same as in Kirby Air Ride, with one difference: its eye is more simplistic, and is orange rather than brown. After Kirby acquires the Wheel ability, he no longer needs the Wheelie Scooter, and so leaves it behind on the track.


  • Whenever Wheelie Scooter goes into a dark area, the light on its front glows.
  • There's a glitch where if Quick Spinning and charging while up against the wall, the Wheelie Scooter will speed up to around 70mph.


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