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Diamond hands and 3 eyes! This guy likes shiny stuff! He's the Wham Bam king!
— Pause Screen description • Kirby Super Star Ultra

Wham Bam Jewel is the final boss of Helper to Hero in Kirby Super Star Ultra. He appears immediately after Wham Bam Rock is defeated. He is also faced as the eighth boss in The True Arena as part of the final four, although here, Wham Bam Rock will not appear, due to the fact that it already appeared in The Arena. His origins, like Wham Bam Rock, are essentially unknown but is portrayed as being of royalty, as evidenced by his description and outward appearance.

He has the same attacks that his rock-based relative has, though they differ somewhat (for instance, he sends down diamonds instead of rocks, though they still give the Stone ability) and also has his own moves as well. For example, he can shoot energy blasts from his index finger in very much the same way as Master Hand (though he can fire multiple shots at a time, and this move requires only one finger), and his punches are much stronger and go farther than normal. Sometimes, instead of dropping jewels, he will instead drop bombs resembling three-eyed tiki heads, (which, of course, give the Bomb ability) similar to Crazy Hand's attack in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Additionally, compared to his rock relative, his hand also moves much more erratically and he has higher stamina as well.

Physical Appearance

Wham Bam Jewel is similar in appearance to Wham Bam Rock, but looks a bit more organic and lively, much like Wham Bam Rock's Kirby Super Star incarnation. He has three eyes, bright purple nostrils, fangs, fists made of diamonds, and an orange mouth. He wears a ton of extravagant jewelry which sways from side to side during the battle. His crown is also different. Instead of Aztec-looking headgear, he wears what resembles a common crown encrusted with jewels. In The True Arena intro, the full version of him can be seen. In the intro, he is seen without a body, but a more detailed view of his crown can be seen. The upper part of his crown is made of puffy red velvet.


  • Wham Bam Jewel, Necrodeus, Dark Mind, and Magolor Soul are the only bosses in the series to have exactly three eyes. Coincidentally, all four are final bosses.
    • All four of them also have disembodied hands at some point.


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