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Wham Bam Gaia is a character in the Kirby series. He appears in the Kirby of the Stars: The Great Bandit Daroach Gang Appears! novel.

Physical Appearance

Wham Bam Gaia is a being with two eyes, a mouth with two fangs, and giant hands made of stone. He has a stone in the middle of his face where his nose would be, and he wears a crown-like object with a jewel in the center of it. He also wears two round earrings with what appears to be leaf-like parts at the bottom of each one.

In the Kirby of the Stars novel series

Wham Bam Gaia appears as a character exclusive to the Kirby of the Stars: The Great Bandit Daroach Gang Appears! novel. He is the statue of a demon in the temple and a member of the Wham Bam Clan. In the past, before he even appeared, Wham Bam Gaia’s existence was originally told by Active Blade, who resides in the temple. The temple was heavily respected by the people of the time; however, the people became angry one day and deserted the temple. It is said that the temple then became sad after everyone abandoned it. An unknown amount of time later, Wham Bam Gaia emerges from within the temple and attacks Kirby, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede while they are guarding Active Blade’s eggs. Kirby, who is equipped with the Circus ability, fights and defeats Wham Bam Gaia, who then retreats back into the wall.

Though Wham Bam Gaia is not present in the main series, he appears to be related to Wham Bam Rock and Wham Bam Jewel, as they all share “Wham Bam” in their names, and they are all floating faces with two floating hands. The mention that Wham Bam Gaia is a member of the “Wham Bam Clan” likely indicates that Wham Bam Rock and Wham Bam Jewel are in this clan as well.

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