The Weird Woods can strike fear into even the bravest heart. If spinning thorns and enraged Scarfies aren't enough to keep visitors out, the Wicked Willow is always ready to defend its turf. Use the Saucer Metamortex to show Yin-Yarn's troops they have every reason to be scared!
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Weird Woods is the eighth stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn. It is the second bonus stage, and is the last stage in Grass Land, coming after Mole Hole and preceding Pyramid Sands in Hot Land. Weird Woods is unlocked by obtaining a sufficient amount of Beads in Mole Hole.

The stage scrolls automatically, which means a certain amount of time pressure and difficulty in backtracking, while Kirby proceeds through the stage using the Saucer metamortex transformation. Wicked Willow, the first mid-boss in the game, makes its first and only appearance in the stage.


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The stage itself takes place at night (unlike the rest of Grass Land) and is traversed entirely by Kirby in his Saucer form as the screen automatically scrolls giving him precious little time to collect beads and Treasures. The forest in Weird Woods is greatly overgrown with vines and thorns and filled with various enemies to replenish Kirby's supply of power for his Saucer's energy attack and the stage is heavily populated by Bronto Burts carrying beads for Kirby to suck up. However, the player must be careful of the wind gusts and spikes as well as Shotzos along the way. This stage also marks the first and only appearance of the mid-boss Wicked Willow that guards the forests of Weird Woods. Two of these are encountered. The first of the twisted trees is encountered half-way through the stage inside a small cave blocking the path, while the last is found at the end of the stage with heavy down bursts of wind to help make the fight a little harder.


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