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You can't lose even a single Wee Birdee when carrying them to Big Birdee. Proceed very carefully. You can't help carrying them into battle, so fight cautiously.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Wee Birdees are small birds in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. They are the youngest members of the Birdee family.

Physical Appearance

Wee Birdees are tiny, spherical yellow chicks with small wings. Each Wee Birdee has a yellow curl of fluff atop its head, innocent eyes with eyelashes, and a small orange beak.


Kirby Mass Attack

Wee Birdees are found trapped in a cage in Stage 11 of Sandy Canyon. They tell the Kirbys that the Gegs abducted and trapped them inside the cage; they need to find their mother. The player must have the Kirbys bust the birds out of the cage by rapidly tapping a button with the stylus. Once freed, they jump onto the Kirbys to be carried.

There are six Wee Birdees in need of rescue. The player must be careful with them. If a Kirby is KO'd, the Wee Birdee being carried by that Kirby will fly to an empty-handed Kirby. The player will receive a Game Over if there are not enough Kirbys to carry all six Wee Birds.

After going through some trials and enemies, the Kirbys meet up with Big Birdee, who is sobbing over her missing babies. Once she sees that the Kirbys have her young, she is overjoyed. The Wee Birdees fly onto their mother's back, and she flies off. With this act of good will done, Big Birdee and her family give up their grudge to become permanent allies to the heroes, and assist them in several daunting situations on the adventure.


  • A Wee Birdee makes a cameo appearance on the cover of the Game Album. On the Extras selection screen, if the player taps the Game Album, some photos will appear; one photo shows a Kirby holding a Wee Birdee, standing on Big Birdee.
  • Daroach mentions that the relationship between Big Birdee and the Wee Birdees makes him tear up.
  • Even though the Birdee clan has made friends with the Kirbys after Stage 11 of Sandy Canyon, a few Birdees still appear as enemies in Stage 10 of Volcano Valley.