Watermelons are a food item in the Kirby series, and Kirby's favorite food in the anime series, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. They are often used to lure Kirby into King Dedede's or Nightmare Enterprises' traps - such as into the NME Transporter which transports Kirby to Nightmare Enterprises, or Dedede manipulating Kirby into a karaoke contest by making first prize a lifetime supply of watermelons. It was the first thing Kirby ate in the first episode of the anime, and he eats a lot of them throughout the entire series.

Watermelons are possibly Dream Land's prize crop in the anime, as cultivated watermelons are a common sight.

In the games, watermelons are one of the standard delicacies that restore Kirby's health.

In Kirby Battle Royale, watermelons appear in the game mode Crazy Theater where they act as a distraction when counting the number of apples.

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