KPR Susie artwork This article is about the Top Ride course in Kirby Air Ride. For the Copy? Ability, see Water. For the recurring environmental element, see List of environmental elements#Water.

Water is a Top Ride course in Kirby Air Ride. It is set in a rocky area of Dream Land with plenty of water features. The Air Ride course that most closely matches its setting is Celestial Valley. Its alternate music is a remix of the Float Islands theme from Kirby's Dream Land.

General Information

Water is the longest track in Top Ride. It does not have as many interactive features as the other courses, but has many bends and U-turns so timing the machine's boosts and handling the curves well is key. Moving into any one of the two waterfalls causes the racer's machine to be snagged onto the rocks, before flying back onto the course a short while later. The player character's machine also turns automatically while in midair. Moving along the river from the first waterfall slows the racer down, only slightly if the player character's machine is angled right, and moving along the river from the second waterfall speeds the racer up since it flows in the right direction.

At the home stretch, the tide at the bottom occasionally rises and slows any machine moving at the bottom of that length of track. Sometimes, it can even reach the top of the stretch.


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