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This island was once a ring of volcanoes. They billowed with smoke, but it was still no real threat. But the Skullys found that it was easy to live here, shielded from the sun by all that smoke. They've infested the island, and now it's plagued by magma bursts and ruled by dark forces.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Volcano Valley is the fourth island in Kirby Mass Attack, coming before Necro Nebula. It has a total of 11 stages. The boss of the area is Skullord.

General Information

Volcano Valley is the most diverse island in the game, as well as the largest. The first few stages take place in volcanic areas where lava and falling rocks are the main hazards. The later stages take place in spooky graveyards where Zombons and Graveys dwell and in haunted mansions where Grueglooms and other poltergeists threaten the Kirbys. The final stages occur in and around the Space Oohroo space base. The stage before Skullord includes a mid-boss rush.

Daroach mentions that a huge battle took place in Volcano Valley long ago (which is why a tank is present in one of the stages) and that the bananas here are "the sweetest in the universe." He also reveals that a great multitude of Skullys began dwelling here attracted by the smoke and shade, built a stronghold called Skull Tower, and now rule the entire island.


Stage 1

KMA Volcano Valley Stage 1.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 1
Number of medals: 5

Kirby enters the fiery environment of Volcano Valley. Enemies such as Booboos and Magoos can burn him; if Kirby does not quickly cool off in a pool of water, he disintegrates. Water bubbles can be pushed around to cool off lava and hot foes, temporarily rendering them harmless. On the various paths the player can take, Kirby runs from rising and sinking lava, uses Cryball tears to grow trees, and attacks Big Bluckos.

Stage 2

KMA Volcano Valley Stage 2.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 3
Number of medals: 5

The Kirbys get in a tank. The tank automatically rolls forward; the player uses the stylus to aim the cannon and pulls said stylus off the touch screen to fire a Kirby. For this reason, it is important to have several Kirbys. The tank destroys many objects and enemies in its travels and finishes the adventure by challenging Quadgun. A rainbow bubble appears at the end, unlocking Stages 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Stage 3

KMA Volcano Valley Stage 3.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 1
Number of medals: 3

The Kirbys are bombarded by falling boulders. They can smash through Metal Blocks and KO any Kirby that they crush. The pink puffs can break them by being flicked into them or using Jumbo Candy. Boulders labeled with question marks drop better items than normal ones.

Stage 4

KMA Volcano Valley Stage 4.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 6
Number of medals: 3

The Kirbys traverse a dark wasteland infested with Banishbacks, gaseous enemies that send the heroes back to the beginning of whatever room they're in if they touch them. The Kirbys can follow two paths. The upper path is inhabited by Zombons and Flapbons. This route also yields Jumbo Candy, allowing the pink puffs to defeat Banishbacks. The lower path is submerged in murky water that uses up the Kirbys' air faster than usual. A rainbow bubble appears at the end, unlocking Stages 8 and 10.

Stage 5

KMA Volcano Valley Stage 5.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 7
Number of medals: 5

The Kirbys travel from a Skully-infested wasteland into a deep, fiery cavern. They must turn a crank rapidly to raise a platform up through a tunnel while being chased by lava. A key found earlier in the stage opens the door to Skullseer, an important member of the Skull Gang. If they defeat him, they get a rainbow medal.

Stage 6

KMA Volcano Valley Stage 6.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 4
Number of medals: 5

The Kirbys enter a dark mansion. Very little light exists here, and the darkness is home to the dangerous enemies Gruegloom and Gloomybat. The mansion offers two paths. The upper path is reliant on lamps that the Kirbys can take advantage of; some blocks that barricade the path can only be eliminated with light, and morning glories grow under lamps. The lower path centers around the Kirbys using torches to light the way. Both paths lead to a cemetery filled with malevolent Graveys.

Stage 7

KMA Volcano Valley Stage 7.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 5
Number of medals: 5

The Kirbys enter a spooky shack. Aside from the background, the entire stage is shrouded in silhouette; there are no lamps or torches anywhere. Every few seconds, a momentary flash of lightning illuminates the area. The pink puffs must avoid enemies, dodge traps, and outsmart Ill Gates to progress. At the end of the stage, the Kirbys meet and flee from the dark fiend Shadowbite. With enough skill, the Kirbys can unveil a statue to brawl with him.

Stage 8

KMA Volcano Valley Stage 8.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 9
Number of medals: 3

The Kirbys enter the Skull Tower, a teetering building that serves as the lair of the Skullys. It sways as the Kirbys move. Bats hang from the exterior of the tower; like the Rhino Beetles on Dedede Resort's Teetering Tree, if they fly away, the Kirbys must balance out the tower before it collapses. Skull Tower is filled with traps but also treasures. Rock hands will knock the tower over if they are not defeated. The stage ends differently depending on whether or not the Kirbys defeat the final rock hand. Upon reaching the exit, the Kirbys hit a switch that helps unlock Stage 9.

Stage 9

KMA Volcano Valley Stage 9.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 10
Number of medals: 3

This stage is unlocked after completing Stages 8 and 11. The Kirbys enter a cemetery, push a tombstone aside, and explore an underground crypt. They must battle the undead forms of Big Warwiggle, Great Gear, and King Eelongo before facing Buzzybat. A rainbow bubble appears at the end, unlocking the Boss Stage.

Stage 10

KMA Volcano Valley Stage 10.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 9
Number of medals: 5

The Kirbys are noticed by Space Oohroo who grab a switch, toss it into their Mothership, and take off. When the Kirbys storm the Space Oohroo base, the apes hurriedly dismantle the instructions to a spaceship and hide them around the facility. The heroes must collect the pieces before they can assemble the ship, chase down the Mothership, and destroy the enemy vessel with lasers. The switch drifts outward into space with the Kirbys rushing toward it. The stage ends on a cliffhanger and Stage 11 is immediately unlocked.

Stage 11

KMA Volcano Valley Stage 11.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 10
Number of medals: 5

An asteroid causes the Kirbys' ship to crash on an alien planet. The gravity here is much lower than on Planet Popstar--the pink puffs swim through space to move. Schwarz, Space Posura, and Space Jellifrizz are among the enemies the Kirbys encounter as they move toward another Space Oohroo station. After a dangerous elevator ride, the pink puffs find a way to temporarily weaken the gravity inside the station, allowing them to swim through the air like they could in space. Upon reaching the exit, the Kirbys hit a switch that helps unlock Stage 9.

Boss Stage

KMA Volcano Valley Stage Boss.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 10

The Kirbys combat Skullord, who attacks with boulders, volcanic rocks, and spikes.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese マグマウンテン Translates to Mag Mountain.
English Volcano Valley
Traditional Chinese 熔岩山谷 Translates to Lava Valley.
French Vallée du Volcan Translates to Volcano Valley.
Italian Valle Vulcano Translates to Volcano Valley.
Spanish Valle Volcánico Translates to Volcanic Valley.


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Kirby Mass Attack: Volcano Valley
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In Kirby Mass Attack
Kirby Mass Attack
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Volcano Valley is the volcano and magma-filled island in Kirby Mass Attack. It is the fourth level in the game.

Related Quotes

It's ridiculously hot here. Too hot to be wearing a cloak.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack
My sources tell me that this island was once the place of an incredible battle. Left behind from those days is some sort of tank. Hopefully you can make use of it.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack
Rumor has it that the master of the darkness-shrouded mansion hid a treasure in the garden behind his home. These days, that garden is just another cemetery, and the master is long gone. Or is he? Some say that he's still guarding his treasure to this very day, smashing all that come close.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack
This island holds the lair of the Skullys, the Skull Tower. As soon as you set foot inside it, watch for its traps. Try not to let any Kirby get isolated from the rest. Stay together to survive.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack
The bananas here in Volcano Valley are the sweetest in the universe. I bet the Oohroo from Green Grounds would love to get their hands on them. But those guys are pretty determined. Wouldn't surprise me if the Oohroo found a way to get to them.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack


  • According to Daroach, one of the Graveys at the end of Stage 6 was the owner of the mansion. He possessed a treasure—a rainbow medal—during life that he continues to protect after death.
    • It is unknown what species this Gravey was during life.
  • "Scalding Spring," the music track that plays in several stages, is a remix of the track "Magma Flows" from Kirby Air Ride.
  • The early level map for Volcano Valley found in Kirby Mass Attack’s code has a more pinkish-purple hue and sports lanterns with green flames, structures emitting a green glow, and a dark fortress in the place of the volcano. This suggests that the level was originally planned to be less volcanic and more dark-themed, as seen in its later stages.[1]
    • Kirby Mass Attack’s code contains early splash screens of four levels. Volcano Valley is not among them. Based on the number of stages in the final game, this could suggest that Volcano Valley and Necro Nebula were not planned to exist at that point in development.[2]
    • Despite the level being named Volcano Valley, it has more graveyard stages than volcano stages.