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A lightning cloud filled with poison is showering the land with toxic gases! Time your dodges and counterattack!
— Quest Description • Super Kirby Clash

Venom Kracko is a boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Super Kirby Clash. It is a poisonous variant of Kracko.

Physical Appearance

Venom Kracko's body consists of a magenta cloud with a green and yellow outline and twelve black spikes with lavender stripes and hot pink tips. It has an eye with a purple sclera, yellow iris, and a black, slit-like pupil. When furious, its iris turns red, and so do the stripes on its spikes.


Super Kirby Clash

Venom Kracko is first fought as a Tougher category boss in the Seaside in a Party Quest and is later unlocked in the Story Quest for 46 Gem Apples in the Dunes as a Toughest category boss. He is later fought again in the Ruins as a Super category boss as a Party Quest. He's also fought as part of Team Floatrio in the Empyrean.


Venom Kracko has most of its moves taken directly from Kracko, although some have minor alterations. It can dash in an arch, along the ground, from one corner to the other, or sway up and down, damaging anyone on contact. It can rain down on the player, and will slowly follow them when doing so. It can create two beams of electricity that revolutionize around it, as well as firing a lightning bolt below it while moving along the ground. It can also dump various objects from its body onto anyone below it, however, these objects are covered in poison, and it releases a poisonous cloud of gas alongside them.

When furious, it can create a giant orb of electricity and fire it to the center of the foreground, where it explodes into four smaller orbs that fall onto the ground. When dashing back in from the background, Venom Kracko creates two poisonous clouds of gas that move outward from the center along the ground. Another attack involving it going into the background is when it shoots four streams of electric orbs at a time along the ground, finishing off with two streams that move from the corners to the center. It can shoot two lightning bolts at the sides of the arena, two at the top and bottom, two at the bottom left and top right corners, and two at the bottom right and top left corners. Lastly, it can enlarge its body to become a gigantic thundercloud that takes up part of the top of the battlefield. It will then rain down an immense amount of lightning on anyone below it.

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A poison cloud descends! Try your hand at this airborne ordeal!
— Announcement • Super Kirby Clash
Poison with a chance of lightning? What a terrifying forecast! It's enough to make anyone's face cloud over!
— Quest Description (Tougher) • Super Kirby Clash
The rain falling in the forest becomes toxic sludge. Clear those cloudy skies that are rotting the land!
— Quest Description (Toughest) • Super Kirby Clash


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