It's easy to learn the basics of Kirby's Adventure in the relatively tame Vegetable Valley. The boss of this introductory level, Wispy Woods [sic], should be familiar to you from Kirby's earlier adventures!
— A Whole New World! • Kirby's Adventure Instruction Booklet

Vegetable Valley is the first level of Kirby's Adventure and its remake. It comes before Ice Cream Island.

Level Intro

The intro to Vegetable Valley changes slightly from Kirby's Adventure to its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, but both are generally the same; both involve Kirby having a conflict with a Blade Knight in a wooded area.

In the original game, Kirby is having a showdown with a Blade Knight. Kirby parries most of his attacks but his blade gets knocked away. Kirby inhales and eats Blade Knight for the Sword ability before he gets pushed off the platform.

In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Blade Knight is advancing towards Kirby on a large wooden platform. Just as Kirby is about to fall down, he swiftly inhales and eats him to get the Sword ability. Kirby also encounters Blade Knight at the Museum, which may be a reference to this intro.

General Information

Vegetable Valley consists of only 4 normal stages, each of which are rather short. Vegetable Valley is a rather simplistic level that takes place predominantly in a fertile grassy valley with lakes and plains seen in the distance of some stages, although it also contains caverns (and some mountains) as part of its setting. Stage 4 is set in a vast forest and up in the wooded treetops. The level introduces some of Kirby's most basic abilities like Fire, Spark, and Sword. Whispy Woods makes his home in the level's forest, and acts as the game's first boss.

It has a Crane Fever room (replaced by a Bomb Rally room in the remake), as well as a Museum featuring Blade Knight (who bestows Kirby the Sword ability when eaten).

The HAL area

KPR Maxim Tomato.png Main article: HAL Room

The HAL Area in Kirby's Adventure.

In the second stage, the player can view Star Blocks arranged in a fashion that spells out HAL, which also contains a single Broom Hatter. To do so, the player must enter the second stage and make his/her way near the Warp Star. By waiting enough time (and by going backwards to get the Warp Star out of view) to erase the warp star from the memory, the Warp Star disappears and Kirby can move forward to the area with the HAL logo spelled out.

Even though the area remains in the remake, it has become inaccessible due to the increased calculation ability of GBA and thus impossible to make the warp star disappear.

This HAL area can also be accessed on the Virtual Console version of Kirby's Adventure as well as in the original NES version.

A similar trick can be achieved in Illusion Islands, in the Revenge of the King sub-game of Kirby Super Star Ultra.

The UFO room

There is a hidden room with a UFO inside in the first stage. In the second area of 1-1, there is a series of four blocks at the first waterfall in the level - The first block is different from the rest. Have Kirby float underneath and press ↑ on the +Control Pad to reveal a hidden door, and he'll be taken into the room with a UFO.

The UFO room is still available in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, but the hidden door is more easily seen as it is depicted as a dark area underneath the first block. In the original Kirby's Adventure, the door is not noticeable apart from the different Star Block which covers it.

In the second area of stage 1-4 in Kirby: Planet Robobot, there is a secret area that is likely a reference to Vegetable Valley's UFO room, as it is entered in a similar fashion. Like in Kirby's Adventure, the door is not noticeable. Inside that secret area, there is one of the five Smash Bros. ability locations.

Copy Abilities

Adv beam.GIFBeamiconKNIDLKATAM.png
Adv fireball.GIFBurningiconKNIDLKATAM.png
Adv crash.GIFCrashiconKNIDLKATAM.png
Adv cutter.GIFCuttericonKNIDLKATAM.png
Adv fire.GIFFireiconKNIDLKATAM.png
Adv freeze.GIFFreezeiconKNIDL.png
Adv needle.GIFNeedleiconKNIDLKATAM.png
Adv spark.GIFSparkiconKNIDLKATAM.png
Adv sword.GIFSwordiconKNIDLKATAM.png


Stage Switch Unlocks
1 N/A Crane Fever/Bomb Rally
2 N/A N/A
3 N/A Museum (Sword)
4 N/A Warp Star Station


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Theme - Vegetable Valley
Vegetable Valley 1.png

Vegetable Valley 2.png

Vegetable Valley 4.png
Theme in Kirby's Adventure (Kirby's Dream Collection soundtrack)
Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition
Basic throbber.gifP3RlHMXTPuY 25040px001iframe
Theme in Kirby: Squeak Squad
Kirby: Squeak Squad
Basic throbber.gif2fAFNAuJwbw 25040px001iframe
Plant Plain - Remixed theme in Kirby: Canvas Curse
Kirby: Canvas Curse
Basic throbber.gifDaJAG-2hke4 25040px001iframe
Theme in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Basic throbber.gifCRW021hNxEw 25040px001iframe
Overworld music in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Basic throbber.gifeVXZTy-hcAQ 25040px001iframe
Remixed theme for Crane Fever in Kirby's Adventure
Kirby's Adventure
Basic throbber.gifwfPf21749cM 25040px001iframe
Original theme in Kirby's Adventure
Kirby's Adventure
Basic throbber.gifY1NrQLP1f5o 25040px001iframe
Overworld music in Kirby's Adventure
Kirby's Adventure
Basic throbber.gif7_-a7TSrYy4 25040px001iframe
Vegetable Valley is the first level in Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. It is set in a wooded area in Dream Land.
Theme - Vegetable Valley (Forest)
Vegetable Valley 4.png
Original theme in Kirby's Adventure
Kirby's Adventure
Basic throbber.gifH__931uLyOc 25040px001iframe
In certain wooded areas and dark rooms, this alternate theme plays instead. After Kirby & The Amazing Mirror it is more commonly recognized as Cabbage Cavern's theme.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ベジタブルバレー Officially romanized as Vegetable Valley.
English Vegetable Valley
German Lololos Wäldchen
Kirby's Adventure

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Translates to Lololos Grove.
Kirby's Adventure

Translates to Woodruff Valley.
French Val du Légume
Kirby's Adventure

Vallée Légume
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Translates to Vegetable Valley.
Italian Valle Verdura Translates to Vegetable Valley.
Spanish Valle Verdura Translates to Vegetable Valley.




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