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VS. Iron Mam is a stage in the sub-game Dyna Blade that appears in Kirby Super Star and its remake. It isn't a normal stage, however; it is a stage that moves around the map. It is unlocked once the player completes Mallow Castle. This stage is entirely optional; it is not necessary to complete the stage to clear Dyna Blade (except for Meta Knightmare Ultra, where it will start immediately after Candy Mountain is completed). Upon entering this stage, Kirby must fight the mid-boss Iron Mam - he is unable to exit to the map unless he defeats her. After Kirby defeats Iron Mam, he can inhale her for the Fighter ability. Once this stage is completed, however, it can no longer be accessed unless the player starts a new game on the sub-game.

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, a 1UP will appear after the mid-boss's defeat.

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  • VS. Iron Mam might be based on the Hammer Bros. stages from Super Mario Bros. 3, since both VS. Iron Mam and the Hammer Bros. stages are remarkably similar in function.
  • The music that plays is a remix of Egg Catcher's theme from Kirby's Adventure.