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Re: Why?

Hi there! First off, welcome to Kirby Wikia. I'm not admin but I'm one of the more active coders and editors here. I never edit because I want to take it out on somebody on a personal basis, but lets tackle the issues one by one.

  • Please sign your post in talk pages with four tildes. That gives your signature and marks who I'm supposed to reply to.
  • The info you put into UFO and Mr. Frosty are still there, but I paraphrased it so it's more consistent with the style of writing on Wikis. Concision is important - I often shrink and compact a lot of other edits, and precision as well. There is no official evidence supporting the relationship between Mr. Frosty and Roly-Poly, and it should be stated as such, and not "not much evidence". Do you see what I mean? If there was evidence that I did not know of, then it should be included inside the statement, and the source cited, if possible. I condensed the UFO page as well, and that's all I did to it. The info you put in is still there.
  • About Slobba, yes there is a link between Slobba and Lovely but that's a bit esoteric by general standards, and facts phrased in the manner of "both only appear in one game" .. I personally avoid those, because, if you imagine those phrases over the Wiki and a new game comes out with, say Slobba in, we have to find those and change all of them, and nobody knows where they are by then. It's better to phrase it as "As of <DATE>," and then the statement. About their other similarities, there's also Fangora (who isn't static), but what about Snip-Snap? It's static, it gives a warning, it stretches to attack, and only appears in one game as of April 2011 as well. It's usually better to consider different characters on a case-to-case basis unless they are extremely similar, like Kirby and Meta Knight, for example, or to quote the example you gave, the similar looks between Mr. Frosty and Roly-Poly.
  • Italicize game titles, and anime episodes. That's the standard of this Wiki, but since most people new to the wiki doesn't know it, that's OK. One picks up the style over time.
  • One last thing. Use internal links for internal pages instead of long single-bracket format used for external links, as it makes the article very difficult to read in source / coding mode.

That should clarify my position. Don't worry if your edits get overwritten, especially not if it's admin or patrollers, and don't take it personally, because that's not how editors do things around here - We're all here for the betterment of the Wiki

If there's anything else you need clarification on, just talk to admins User:Starman125 or User:Gamefreak75, or if it's related to this post just post on my talk page.

Cheerio, and enjoy your stay here.

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02:43, April 20, 2011 (UTC)

Oops. Sorry. I guess I should have writen it better. Also, about the sig, sorry I thought I did put my name at the end, I usually do. :/ Sorry about that. Also, I guess you're right, I should have worded the Roly-Poly Mr. Frost connection better. EDIT: I'm also pretty new to wikis, and the wiki I am usually at is about a community of characters, and since there aren't very many people, and most are even newer to wikis than me that spelling doesn't really matter. I also thought the trivia was before the gallery... sorry about all this. ;)Vulturewing, April 1?th 2011

Use internal links for internal pages

Hello. Use internal links for internal pages i.e.


Rather than

[ Squishy]

because the second option makes the code harder to read in source mode. That format is only used for external links or technical pages.

Ref: Edit on 23 Apr 2011

No reply is necessary.

Cheers, Template:Profile:Changtau2005/Sig

Re: Background

Thanks for your input!

I doubt a high-res pic of Mine exists, so sadly the first suggestion is probably a no-go, but I'll look into the other points.

Ref: Talk page | Context


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02:03, April 24, 2011 (UTC)

Referencing Wikipedia

I can see you like referencing sources from Wikipedia to tie in with characters with similarities. While that's not a bad idea by itself, having external links within an article to another article not directly related within the context is usually not the best stylistic approach. You can do this instead.

Enter source edit mode. This is a much more powerful mode that allows you to do at least 10x more things if you familiarize yourself with it. Click the button on the top right corner. Now you see the code directly. What you want to do is, say you want to reference this to Wikipedia's main page

This line of text.

What you'd do is, inside source view, find:

This line of text.

You make it:

This line of text<ref>[ Wikipedia]</ref>.

Note that the portion enclosed within the ref tags are in the commonly-used external link format

And then add:


At the end of the article. This creates a level 2 header with the title "References", and under it, a reference section, which brings the external link to the end of the article, and is the proper way to do it. Check the Candlemander article if you need further reference.

If you wish to further familiarize yourself with source-edit mode, head to the community tab --> Pupu Village --> Bibli's Books and look under Wiki Editing.


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21:09, May 2, 2011 (UTC)


Although you probably don't care, I was absent for awhile. I am back now. Vulturewing 01:30, June 9, 2011 (UTC)


"I disagree. Parasol Shotzo acts completely different. I mean, next we're going to merge Kirby and Meta Knight. Of course, this is just my opinion."
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I agree with Starman. Sparky Kirby &amp; the Amazing MirrorYep, it's me, Sparker03

You do know that's a quote from him, right? And I'm saying that I disagree with it.--Starman125SirkibblehelperKSS Mm7helmetersprite.pngEh, nice armor. Uh, sure, thanks. 16:20, February 18, 2012 (UTC)
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