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Enjoy your stay! NerdyBoutKirby (talk) 13:26, May 7, 2014 (UTC)

Policy on Video's

I believe we have some sort of rule about video's on pages. I don't think we allow them on pages, which would be why they weren't there before your additions. I'm removing them for now, but I wouldn't be too surprised if they get added back. Meta Kirby52 Created by NerdyBoutKirby It's all mine! 19:29, June 1, 2014 (UTC)

It's alright to put video's on your own page, and blogs, forums, etc. That's why the controls aren't completely disabled. Also, I'm just saving NBK and Vaati the trouble of going through deleting the videos. Usually when some user adds them they remove it.
If anything, you could add little citation marks to the end of a trivia to link to a video. That why, it's still "there" in a sense, but doesn't interrupt the flow of the page. Meta Kirby52 Created by NerdyBoutKirby It's all mine! 21:01, June 2, 2014 (UTC)

Dream Land, not Dreamland

Please remember that for the future. NerdyBoutKirby I mean, sir? You rang, Sir Grodus, dude? Grodus? Sir Grodus, sir? You rang, dude? 21:43, June 4, 2014 (UTC)

Yep!Flare Beam (talk) 17:51, June 25, 2014 (UTC)

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