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Article: Normal Kirby

Normal isn't a copy ability. While it has an in-game icon, certain other situations give it as well. For example, Super Star and Ultra give the Cart icon when Kirby is riding the mine cart. Certain other games (and localizations) give the Cannon icon when Kirby is inside a cannon, but that does not mean either of these are copy abilities.

While technically one can say that "Normal Kirby" is a Kirby without a copy ability, the one thing he can do only when he does not have a copy ability is the Inhale, the details of which should be covered within its own article. All of his other techniques are available when he is on land whether he has a copy ability or not, and they are covered in Kirby#Other techniques, although each of those could use their own article.

The Normal Kirby article is not completely factually correct also: he is in every every game and every episode. In-game, the icon either reads "Normal" or "Kirby", not "Normal Kirby"; the same goes with the Japanese name (I think).

Under these reasons, this editor believes the topic does not stand as an article on its own, and has removed it for now. If you think otherwise, feel free to talk to me. 04:15, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

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