Void Termina the Destroyer

aka A Tamagotchi Otaku

  • I live in Somewhere in Hong Kong
  • I was born on June 3
  • My occupation is Student (Form 5)
  • I am Male

    Hi! Just a 16 year old Hong Kong people who roams between wikis.
    I usually do drawings and make Kirby OCs, so meet me at the Kirby Wiki Discussion Pages, I will give a warm welcome to newcomers.

    If anyone is not feeling well, I can help you if you like.
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  • Void Termina the Destroyer

    Narrator: Despacto's gathering of the Bond Hearts caused a mysterious crack to open and dragged the prophet into a world of infinity—the Ultra World! Take this chance by transforming into different Dream Friends and solve puzzles! Battle with the most fierce bosses and take your strongest team into these no-frills battle. After that, you will meet an unbelievable final boss, who seeks familiar dreams.......

    (End of Prologue)

    Ravia: That' stage!? But it looked eerie and corrupted......

    Kirby: Poyo...?

    (Suddenly, a giant Bond Heart appeared from a heart-shaped portal)

    Ravia: Whoa! What is this!?

    ???: Who......woke me up......??

    (The Bond Heart shatters and Despacto emerged from it)

    Ravia: Mr. Despacto!? It's me, Ravia!

    Despacto G: What are you…

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  • Void Termina the Destroyer


    (Alterious battling Liebe)

    Alterious: *Slashes at Liebe*

    Liebe: *Avoids the attack*

    Melodie: Oh no! Liebe is losing! What are we going to do now!?

    Ravia: *Shaking in fear while holding Melodie's hand*

    Liebe: He's.....too strong!

    Lohas: *Flies towards Alterious*

    Liebe: KI......KING LOHAS!!

    Alterious: Is that all you got? "When the Black Sun rises, the world ends." what you seek today!! *Time stopped*

    Lohas: What.....what is this!? NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!! *Vanished*

    Liebe: LOHAAAAAAAS!!!! *Unleashed a powerful blast*

    Alterious: *Dodged the attack* Heh.......That is your revenge? Don't you understand who killed your lord? Who leads to the extinction of Harmonica?

    Ravia: (No......What should I do.......)

    (Suddenly, a portal appeared and suck…

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  • Void Termina the Destroyer
    • God of Chaos—Contrido Ultima 混沌神 ラヴレウス•メロディカ 拉霍妮歐斯•美洛迪卡: Final Boss of the Story Mode
    • Warden of History—Odin 歴史の管理者 オーディン 奥丁 (cannot be battled)
    • Thunderclap of Destruction—Noir Knight 滅亡迅雷 ノワールナイト 諾倫騎士: Final Boss of Guest Star ???? Star Allies GO!
    • Obscure Chanteuse—Alter Ravia (with Paradoxers) 闇黒からの女歌手 オルタ•ラヴィア 逆轉拉菲亞&時空君皇: Final Boss of The Lost Symphony of Ultra World
    • Bringer of Destruction—Noir Knight 2.0 災来する滅亡迅雷 Re:ノワールナイト Re: 諾倫騎士: Final Boss for Guest Star Ravia/Paradoxers
    • Cosmical Phantom コスミクル (アンデッド): Final Boss for Raid Boss Challenge
    • Darkness Bond—Soul of Ultima 闇絆 ラヴレウスの魂 拉霍妮歐斯之魂: Replacing Contrido Ultima's dragon form in World Annihilator
    • The Ultimate God of Chaos—Contrido Ultima 地獄混沌神 ラヴレウス•メロディカ: A more enchained version of Contrido Ultima i…
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  • Void Termina the Destroyer

    What should I say? When I create characters, I usually take characters from the same franchise (Kirby), but now most of them are inspired from other franchises such as Tamagotchi and Yo-kai Watch, which is why I am writing this post.

    When I created my new OCs, I would set the following rules to ensure that none of the characters looked or act too similar to the original one:

    Make sure that it doesn't looked like the original one, or you might have a piracy if you reveal the character publicly.

    Characteristics and attacks of the inspired character should be changed, so the OC will become original to you.

    For Final Bosses, add more phases or armour to make it original.

    If I followed the rules, then the OC might looked like this (Example: Monsieur…

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  • Void Termina the Destroyer

    Introduction to Characters:

    More Details:

    Even More Details:

    Details Galore:

    Delta relieveal:

    Artworks in Pen:

    Final Boss:

    Phicia & Psicia relieveal:

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