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    I realize everybody is busy adding info for Kirby Star Allies right now, but consider taking a look at this and casting your vote. Thanks!

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    EDIT: Done! Thanks to Iqskirby for replacing the icons.

    To any active editors that might see this...

    I've recently uploaded a slew of borderless Copy Ability icons from Nightmare in Dream Land and Amazing Mirror to replace the bordered icons we have now. However, I do not have the time to go through each and every article to replace these icons myself, so I would like anyone who reads this to do it in my stead.

    The icons I've uploaded are named as such:

    • File:iconKNIDLKATAM.png for icons that show up in both games;
    • File:iconKNIDL.png for icons that are exclusive to Nightmare in Dream Land;
    • File:iconKATAM.png for icons that are exclusive to Amazing Mirror.

    You can also see this page for the icons I've uploaded.

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    Here are the full details.

    Yeah. As you can see, they're not doing so well. If anyone else here can lend them a hand, don't hesitate to do so.

    UPDATE: The WiKirby domain will expire on August 13th.(cited here) Once again, if anyone can lend them a hand, it's urgent that you do so before it's too late.

    UPDATE 2: WiKirby is back on its feet for now, although it's unknown who fixed it, the domain has still not been renewed, and the webmaster continues to be inactive.

    UPDATE 3: As you can see in the forum post, WiKirby is moving to a new domain, due to its webmaster neglecting it entirely. Things should be under control for them by the time the move is finished.

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  • Starry-Eyed Wonder

    Hello there, everyone. Remember that one time where we merged with WiKirby? What about the time where we moved to MediaWiki on an independent domain?

    No? Well, that's because neither of those happened.

    However, that's because we weren't ready for either. But look at us now. We could be able to make this happen.

    What's the point of this post? Well, I thought we could consider merging with WiKirby again. What does everyone else think of this?

    EDIT: Oh, right, and the reason I'm bringing this up is because this could benefit not only our NIWA counterpart, but ourselves as well.

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  • Starry-Eyed Wonder

    So I was just looking through the upload logs, when suddenly, I see this:

    I saw that it was uploaded by Gamefreak75, one of the administrators. I was suprised. It had to be official.

    So I googled it, and I learned that there's going to be a 20th Anniversary Kirby Compliation released on the Wii.

    That's when I was really suprised.

    How do you think this little compliation will be?

    UPDATE: Personally, with all the stuff being revealed about it: WANT.

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