Meta Kirby52 Meta Kirby52 7 November 2016

Galacta Knight's Existence

Theory Post: After just noticing the brand new "Non-canon" stickers applied to our second favorite Knight, Galacta Knight, and re-reading the page, I noticed an interesting segment of the page that said, "While Galacta Knight's existence may be canon, none of the events in which he has appeared are canon, as the Meta Knightmare sub-games and The True Arenas are not canon."

Now, how can that happen? Completely ignoring the discussions that probably led to this decision of adding non-canon labels to Meta Knightmare sub-games, Marx Soul, and any variation of the Arena's, it got me really thinking about the canonicity of Galacta Knight's existence, which also ties into lovable little Magolor's statement about meeting someone who knew Kirby. But…

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Meta Kirby52 Meta Kirby52 19 October 2016

What Happened to The Sparkling Stars?

Yup. It's that time again. It's time to waste your time, and my own, by theorizing about some stuff! Todays topic involves the mysterious Sparkling Stars (or Twinkle Stars, if you like that sort of thing) that first debuted in Kirby's Dream Land. Also, it's been awhile since I've written anything like this, so I'm incredibly rusty. Can't really remember the last time I picked up an old Kirby game to play, either. Well, let's dive right into the theory thing!

Let's start off with some basic questions.

  • Just what are the Sparkling Stars anyway?
  • Where did the Stars go?
  • Did the Stars give Kirby his powers?

So this first question is just a little review for those of you a little rusty about the lore behind KDL. They are said to be stars which aid Dream Lan…

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Meta Kirby52 Meta Kirby52 22 September 2016

Sorry ^ ^'

I'm going to be honest. I've just been falling into old habits and staring at the "Recent Wiki Activity" screen for the last half an hour or so. But the more I stare at it, the more I feel like there's nothing really going on like there was two years ago. Though, that' probably because it's 11:35 PM here...

I don't know. I've been gone for two years or so. A lot has changed around here, I surmise. Heck, the layout is somewhat different. I can't remember who were admins and who weren't when I left. I think there was only three of us at the time. Changtau2005 came back at one point. And then, uh, yeah. I just kind of lost touch. It's good to see that the threat of vandals seem almost non-existent, though. I'm sure one or two stumble in every no…

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Meta Kirby52 Meta Kirby52 18 September 2014

Soul Of Sectonia

I can't entirely recall if this is a big problem anymore, but I believe I have the solution of where Soul of Sectonia appears in relation to the storyline.

Ok, so let's start this off by saying The Arena and The True Arena are not canon. At all. Let's also say the ending of Kirby: Triple Deluxe isn't canon, either.

Keep your cool; let me explain.

Remember how the stalk Sectonia is on collapses after Kirby defeats her initially? And then he does his little dance, whatever. Shortly after, Sectonia grabs him with a vine, Dedede knocks Kirby unconscious and tosses him a Miracle Fruit, yadada...Right, well the canon differs here. Let's say that Sectonia was truly defeated. She collapsed, presumably dead. Kirby does his little dance, and presumably begin…

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Meta Kirby52 Meta Kirby52 6 September 2013


Imagine this...

The year is 2040. Mankind has proceeded not much in their technology pursuit. In fact, we're no better off than we are right now, in 2013.

The economy is great, and politics have been greatly reduced (don't ask me how, I'm not from the future). As such, wars have become completley non-existent. The Kirby series as we know it has been destroyed, stopped after the release of Super Smash Brothers 4: FIGHT!, in which Nintendo layed off all the workers at HAL. The event sparked controversy, but Nintendo was firm. No more Kirby.

You, a massive Kirby fan, are saddened by Nintendo's decision. You go on in our life knowing that there will be no more Kirby games, that the games you have now will be treasures in the years to come. You were…

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