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So, after a very long wait, my copy of Kirby Battle Royale finally arrived, and last night I beat the story mode! So now I can tell you about what I think of the game.

My favorite part of this game is its variety, it almost feels a bit like Mario Party, to me, from the variety of things to play in it, and the multiplayer aspect. All it needs is like a board game to play in between the battles, haha! My one problem with the story mode was it felt a little short, and it didn't ever get up to the challenge level I have come to expect from Kirby spinoffs after things like Blowout Blast and Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. And this costs a lot more too, for about the same length, and less difficulty, so that is a bit of a let down for me on this game. I had fun while it lasted though and I will enjoy doing all of the little challenge things, and online multiplayer is a plus compared to the other Kirby spinoffs.

Some other little things I enjoyed was all of the costumes to unlock, I've enjoyed those in every game they've been in since Kirby Fighters Deluxe, hehe! I like the consistency between this game and Kirby Fighters too with some of the costumes returning. I also like the way the copy abilities were done in this game, I like that it's not the same old moves as we always have gotten and this changes things up a bit. I particularly enjoy the newly added Sleep ability cause it's just so silly and cute, the little Kirbys have like a pillow fight with each other, hehe! And extra cuteness is right up my alley hehehe!

Another thing I like is, I enjoy the implication that Meta Knight likes to swear.

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