Gamefreak75 Gamefreak75 14 July 2010

Templates and Tables

I like the way we are reorganizing the wikia. It is much different from when I first joined back in July 2009. However, i think we need to do one big change: we need more templates. And I mean templates for specific games, one template for KDL3 and another for Kirby SSU. Do you guys agree with me?

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Gamefreak75 Gamefreak75 25 June 2010


Hey, can someone please give me all the names of the people that give you the Heart Stars. I recently got a ROM of KDL3 and plan on uploading the pictures. Please give me the names because I'm not good with the Japanese names and also a description of how they look.

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Gamefreak75 Gamefreak75 30 December 2009

Anime Episodes

If anyone can find anime episodes that are in English, then post a comment here.


  1. They cannot be in Japanese, even with subtitles.
  2. Try fiding something that doesn't need to be downloaded.

Comment here if you find a YouTube video or any other website that has them.

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