aka Kaila Alyssa A. Velasco

Hi I am WinXkaila! I am new here and I probably like to be friends! I was really running Winx Club Wiki. But I was die-hard Kirby fan that I would really like to edit this wiki too! Do you think I'm more evil??? Muahaha. He-he.

By the Way Enjoy!

Old and New Looks

Hi Guys! Let us compare the old design and new design of Kirby! First to tell that Kirby's features were placed different. Like his mouth a little higher. And when he is shocked his pupils just becomes smaller. But in the new, Kirby's mouth was lower. And when shocked his entier eyes become big. While the same happens to pupils. They even made it cuter! Let us compare the American commercials from to new. Before the fame was old interest but now new interests!

Favorite Kirby Lines

" I need a monster to clobber that thier Kir-bay! "

King Dedede Kirby Right Back At Ya! theme

" You need to teach that King Dedede a lesson! "

Strange Tutorial Person in Kirby Super Star Ultra

" How many can you find? He-heh "

Strange Tutorial Person in Kirby Super Star Ultra

"I got the sun and moon to fight. I got you to go into was all according to my perfect little plan!"

Marx to Kirby, Kirby Super Star Ultra ( 3-d scene )

The Youngest Kirby Fan Here

H-aaaa-i! I am Kaila! The younguest Kirby fan here! ( 7 and a half! ) Yeah. Put up the youngest person here don't delete like harsh admin Sannse!


  1. RipplePOP! Gasp! It is awsomesauce! How about Powerix Star?ChuchuLet the Party Begin!
  1. WinXkailaCindiI got the style and I got the flair, look all you want, just don't touch the hair!

I hate:

  1. People who are cool but make fun of people who are cool too.
  2. People who treat others like babies.
  3. People who take your stuff for selfish purposes
  4. People who treat others like babies
  5. The bully wants to be a good student so He makes lies that the good ones were bad.
  6. The Teacher said DRAW but the uncreative student just wrote on the paper.
  7. COPYCATS! ( Like the one in Angelas Winx World. Somebody copied the pet thingy [ Actually Marie from Aristocats ] and the POWERS! [ She extended it. And changed " Sword of Truth " into " Wings of Heart " ] )
  8. Non-justice and non freedom.

Media Kirby's Station

thumb|304px|left|I kinda was glad to see that the Waddle Dees ( I am a awkward fan of them ) and Kirby team up. It is a reality if Parasol Dee had a victory dance with Kirby in the games.This is Channel KirbyKirbyKirby! Hi! Today is our first day. Were having the best shows and music here. So what now? We have them thumb|300px|right|I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!all 3-D! So grab your 3-D Glasses and Enjoy! First We'll air Kirby's Victory Dance! And Zero Two's ( Brawl ) theme.

Scripts I made up!

Your Fired! Scripts

Waddle Doo: Kaila, what are you doing?

Me: I'm editing mah shifts!

Waddle Doo: Hey listen and answer. Why are you doing that anyway?

Me: Cuz... ( acts sleepy ) I'm...... ( Shouts on Waddle Doo ) SO I AM FOREVER FREE!

Waddle Doo: Hey listen, you can ask DDD for vacation. BUT YOU STILL WORK!

Me: I hate working.

Waddle Doo: YOUR FIRED!

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