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|fav char = Kirby and Tuff
|fav char = Kirby and Tuff
|fav copy ability = Mirror
|fav copy ability = Mirror
|fav game = Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland}}
|fav game = Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land}}

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I'm Vaati the Wind Sorcerer and this is my new page.

Facts about me

The activities I enjoy doing are reading, audio editing to retain sound effects and voices, video games, and art.

My petpeeves (Things I don't like or do not like about people)

  • People who spam
  • Spam
  • Information that is false
  • People who bully others
  • People who think they're all that and think that they're better than others
  • People who are racist and people who are sexist
  • Racism and sexism
  • People who steal and try to take credit from what they've stolen

Other sites I've joined