Vaati the Wind Demon
Name Arden
Gender Male
Age 20
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Favorite Character Kirby and Tiff
Favorite Copy Ability Tornado and Microphone
Favorite Game Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland


I'm Vaati the Wind Sorcerer and this is my new page.

Facts about me

I like Anime and my favorite one is Kirby Right Back at Ya. The activities I enjoy doing are reading, audio editing to retain sound effects and voices, video games, and art.

My petpeeves (Things I don't like or do not like about people)

  • People who spam
  • Spam
  • Information that is false
  • People who bully others
  • People who think they're all that and think that they're better than others
  • People who are racist and people who are sexist
  • Racism and sexism
  • People who steal and try to take credit from what they've stolen

Other sites I've joined

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