Hello everyone, I like Kirby! He's a cute little guy.

My favorite Kirby game (the only Kirby game I've ever played) is Kirby Super Star.

I like the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Finally we have voices for Kirby, King Dedede, Waddle Doo, Chef Kawasaki, Lololo & Lalala, Blade Knight, Knuckle Joe, Kabu, Whispy Woods, Kine, Bonkers, Chilly, and identical-lookin' Cappys.

Meta Knight is awesome! When I first saw him in Revenge of Meta Knight, I always imagine his voice sounding kinda deep and Darth Vader-esque when he speaks. Unlike his voice with a Spanish accent in the anime. Though I accepted it since he's a good guy in the anime. I thought it was strange seeing Meta Knight and King Dedede together because of their difference in methods in the games.

Waddle Dee, Kirby's buddy

‎One of my favorite characters is Waddle Dee. Because he looks a lot like Kirby. I like the one with a parasol, because that's his signature weapon. He's the perfect helper, sidekick and best friend for Kirby.

Another of my favorite helper is Wheelie Bike. Kirby looks cool with wheels! And also the starship, he's unique.

"Howdy ho!"

Poppy Bros. Sr. reminds me of Mr. Hankey from South Park. It must be his eyes and his elf hat.

I like the level Mekkai because it looks like Cloud City. It could be called Space City.

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