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Hi!! welcme to my profile!!!

Please Dont be mean to any body! In the sake of kirby! Waddle doo drawing i made says he agrees!!!!!1

Waddle doo
anyways.... Ive been here not so long ago so please dont be mean!

PS:if you think im a girl then u are not so clever IM A BOY GOOD GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirby Games ive played: Kirbys adventure,Kirby sqeak squad,Kirby super star,Kirby super star ULTRA,,Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards and Kirby nightmare in dream land. i like to draw kirby carecters so let me know if you whant me 2 draw somth"in.

Here are my Favorte abilitys Tornado HiJump Fighter U.F.O ice sword Triple Star


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