Favorites Least Favorites
Kirby Game Kirby Super Star Ultra Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Sub-Game Strato Patrol EOS Samurai Kirby
Copy Ability Mirror Sword
Super Ability Grand Hammer Snow Bowl
Robobot Armor Mode Mike Fire
Metamortox Transformation Dolphin Train
Helper Simirror Blade Knight
Animal Friend Chuchu Kine
Secondary Character Bandana Waddle Dee Adeleine
Enemy Grizzo Scarfy
Mid-Boss (Character) Mr. Frosty Miasmoros
Mid-Boss (Battle) King Doo Big Birdee
Boss (Character) Galacta Knight Gobbler
Boss (Battle) Metal General
Final Boss (Character) Magolor Star Dream
Final Boss (Battle) Marx Soul Drawcia Soul
Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Episode
Monster Phan Phan Popon
Music Masked Dedede (Triple Deluxe Version)

What I Do Here

  1. What I really like doing is keeping everything in order.
  2. I enjoy article creation and organization.

My Games (in order of favorites)

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