Star Solister

aka Timson

  • I live in California
  • I was born on January 12
Star Solister
Name Timson
Gender Male
Age 20
Favorite Copy Ability Parasol
Favorite Game Super Smash Bros. Melee
User Rank Sysop

Heyo! Welcome to my userpage.

To-do list that I may or may not get to in the near future

  • Better KRtDL screenshots
  • Abilities: Split messy ability tables into Description + Notes and Damage Values separately

Short blurb about me

I stumbled upon this wiki many years ago and started editing here because I had knowledge of Kirby Super Star Ultra, a game that not many members here knew about at the time. As I had recently beaten the True Arena and wanted to share my knowledge, I started editing. I was very active in 2008-2011, making solid edits and even gaining adminship. Since then, however, I have largely stopped editing, due to a shift in my overall interests and editing on other sites, such as Smash Wiki. I drop in from time to time and check up on how everything's going, and when a new game comes out, I'll do some testing and research, and edit a little.

I speedrun Return to Dream Land's The Arena/The True Arena with various abilities and have played through all of the sub-games of Super Star Ultra multiple times, so I'm pretty solid on that material. I've also completed Canvas Curse nearly 100% and Squeak Squad 100% twice, Return to Dream Land 100% on both normal and Extra mode, and Planet Robobot. I want Star Allies, but can't access it right now. Soon enough.

Arena times

Return to Dream Land

Ability Time Comments
KRtDL Hammer icon 6:24.90 (PB) If I can beat this with another ability I'll be a very happy camper.
KRtDL Ice icon 6:50.33  ????????
KRtDL Fighter icon 6:52.88 Bad Magolor 1, bad Landia, everything else was either pretty good or as best as I can do with my current strats.
KRtDL Ninja icon 6:58.70 Don't remember much from this run but it was my PB for a while, RIP ;_;
KRtDL Leaf icon 7:09.11 Actual PB is 7:07.xx, I don't think I have it recorded. I think I need a strategy change for sub-7.
KRtDL Parasol icon 7:18.63
True Arena: 10:28.70 (PB)
Sub-7:30 is definitely possible, my goal is to beat the 7:25 run on YouTube I BEAT THE YOUTUBE RUN YES SDFLKJSfdkl;FKJFSkljsaf;
Next on the hitlist...
KRtDL Stone icon 9:01.91 I might go for sub-9 if I decide I'm really, really bored one day and want to run Stone again
KRtDL Sword icon 9:16.31 "Is Sword Kirby based on Link :thinking:"
KRtDL Bomb icon 9:29.08 boom
KRtDL Beam icon 9:46.70 High-risk, low-reward sux
KRtDL Needle icon 10:10.26 Why does this ability exist
KRtDL Whip icon 10:55.20 Thank you to Iqskirby for informing me about the decent dash attack that saved me a lot of suffering in this run
KRtDL Hi-Jump icon 13:39.55 Why does this ability exist

Planet Robobot

Ability Time
KTD Ice icon 10:59.87 (PB)
KTD Hammer icon 11:43.00
KPR ESP icon 13:05.45

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