I am Solar Flute. My name comes from my fan game called Legend of Zelda: Solar Flute. I am a user at many wikis.

Games I own

  • Dreamland
  • Amazing Mirror
  • Squeak Squad
  • Canvas Curse
  • Super Star Ultra
  • Super Smash bros 64 (non-canon)

I don't own but have played

  • avalanche (addicting)
  • Dream course
  • Kirby's adventure
  • SSBM
  • SSBB

my favorite abilities

1 mirror

2 wing

3 magic

4 yo yo

5 suplex

6. ghost

7. UFO

8. Cook

9. Cupod

10. plasma

made up copy abilities


B-silk spit

dash-spider legs

dash+B-spider kick

dash+A+B-bee sting (like condor head)

A+A-Fly wings (like wing's)


It's already been created, but I'm making a moveset for it.

B-short stream

B(hold)-bubble blow

dash+B-geyser tackle, a water version of burning

A+B-water spin, a water version of sword spin

wikis I am a user at

  • this wiki
  • Zeldapedia
  • fantendo
  • Zelda fanon
  • smashwiki
  • smash fanon
  • Drawn to life wiki
  • pokemon wiki
  • Halopedia
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