Job: Attacker

Team: Me, Lu bu, Olimar, Kirby, and Chuck norris,Weegee

Invetory: Chuck norris: everthing mostly bombs Me:random usles object and flamethrower pie Olimar: space suit with upgrades and pikmin Lu bu: troops, halbeard, fan of blades, and meat Weegee: needs nothing all he does and look and you obey! Powers: Turning food into weapons

Sheild: Chuck Norris

{Edit} All attacks used by Rpwyb Summon Lu Bu, halberd slash, flamethrower pie, pie hide, Weegee throw, "Bomb" Kirby, Fan of Blades, halberd bomb, AK47, Team tag, pikmin, olimar, and chuck norris

{Edit} All fatalities used by Rpwyb Censored fatality (i killed Crystal Lucario without saying what i did to him.Trust me you dont want to know)Mr Belly strike! i eat you and gain full heath

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