• I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is I don't know, maybe editing this wiki?
  • I am Male, I'm pretty sure.
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Hello, and welcome to my profile! I am a long time Kirby fan, my first kirby game being Kirby's adventure in the Wii virtual console. I used to be a fan of the whole "mario bootleg" community, but then started working on a personal, but public wiki of my various thoughts and other junk, but I gave up. I hope to help this wiki in any way possible, and will try to fit in here as well as I can.

My favorite characters are Magolor and Taranza, but Meta Knight comes in second. my favorite boss is Hyness,and for a favorite game, I would pick Triple Deluxe.

If there is any way to improve this in any way, feel free to give me some editing tips! 

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