Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the page about me! Kirby is one of the custest VG characters ever and his copy ability rules! Seriously, how many people have you seen copy the abilities of the enemy? *looks at ditto* Oh yeah.

Name Tino
Age 11
Location QU
Gender Male
Interests Video Games

Anyhow, I got my first Kirby game at 4. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. It rocks. After that, I wanted all the Kirby games that were out. So I got all the games that were out. Truth be told, Kirby is not my favorite franchise (that title would go to Kingdom Hearts), but the reason I'm here is because Kirby sucks me into the game and pretty much makes me want to learn all about it.

What I do around here: I'm the kind of guy that likes to add the tiny details.

Kirby Games

I have a lot of Kirby games. At least, everyone since Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror - This game rocks!

Kirby: Air Ride - So does this one!

Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland - The quality gradually degraded.

Kirby: Canvas Curse - A very fun game. Also very original.

Kirby: Squeak Squad - Boring, but original. (LOST)

Kirby Super Star Ultra - A fun remake.

Super Smash Bros. Melee - Easily lost its quality with no replay value

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Unlike the sequel

How many games do I have in all? About... 400.

To-do List

  1. Create pages that should be created.
  2. Add extra info.
  3. Remove useless links.
  4. Correct spelling mistakes.

If nobody else is going to do it, I will!


Friend Codes

You add me, I add you. I add you, you add me.

Brawl: 2063-5461-6292 I'm RVSNT.

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My made abilities


B - Web - Kirby grabs enemies and tangles them.

Side+B - Lunge - Kirby lunges for a close enemy.

Down+B - Crawl - You cannot jump, but you can climb on walls and ceilings.

Up+B - Capture - Kirby sprays up, catching any airborne enemies. Then it throws them.

Ariel+B - Drop - Kirby latches onto any enemies and starts draining the life out of it. Can only be used on living enemies, and if done on specific enemies, Kirby will heal himself.

Running+B - Snare - Essentially Suplex.


Three Use

B - Earthquake - A massive earthquake. Breaks down hidden walls, activates switches and stakes, kills enemies on the ground.


B - Pistol - Kirby fires a bullet. Weak, and does one shot per second. If it was just tap B and fire like crazy, that would be cheap.

Side+B - Knife - Kirby taks out a knife and swings it in front of him.

Down+B - Cloak - Kirby disguises himself like the ground, so nobody can see him. He can stay like that for thirty seconds, and nobody will notice him. Unless they touch you.

Up+B - Rocket - Kirby launches a rocket, which can be remote controlled.

Ariel+B - Grenade - Kirby throws a grenade straight below him. It detonates after 10 seconds.

Running+B - Knock - Kirby grabs his pistol and swings it in front of him.


B - Cannonball - Kirby launches a cannonball.

Side+B - Swing - Kirby swings the cannon.

Up+B - Launch - Kirby jumps into the cannon and launches himself, getting amazing air. With this you may access secret areas.

Down+B - Roll - Kirby throws a cannonball on the ground like a bowling ball.

Running+B - Ride - Kirby jumps on a cannonball and flies in the direction he was running in.


One Use

Once getting the ability, you use it and you'll be able to transform into any enemy. But it's like Mix; it's a roulette.


B - Poison Spray - Kirby sprays poison in front of him.

Down+B - Melt - Kirby melts into sludge, allowing him to creep undetected on the ground.

Up+B - Spore - Kirby sprays poisonous spores above him that latch onto enemies and gradually damage them.


Ariel+A - Fly - Think of Cupid.

B - Flame Breath - Kirby blasts fire out of his mouth.

Side+B - Bite - Kirby bites in front of him.

Up+B - Flap - Kirby flaps his wings to blow away enemies and grey blocks.

Down+B - Tail Whip - Kirby whips his tail in front of him.

Kirby & the Shadow Strike

Click the link to see the game.

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