aka Chelsea Burns-Yost

  • I live in Arizona
  • I was born on June 2
  • My occupation is A Student in High School, exciting huh?
  • I am Female

Heya! My name's Chelsea and I've been a Kirby fan since Return to Dreamland was released. I'm a 16 year old who's in Arizona. I am also a female. I love Kirby! Right Back At Ya/Hoshi no Kaabii too. 

Favourite Characters:

  • Queen Sectonia (of course)
  • Taranza
  • 0/02
  • Magolor
  • Marx
  • The Squeak Squad (especially Daroach)
  • Dedede
  • Kirby himself
  • Meta Knight
  • Galacta Knight
  • NOVA
  • Susie
  • Escargoon
  • NME Customer Service
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