• I live in Portland
  • I was born on January 18
  • I am Male
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<span style="color:purple;">'''Yes, I am a brony.'''
<span style="color:purple;">'''Yes, I am a brony.'''
== Game Schedule ==
*Games highlighted in <span style="color:red;">'''red'''</span> are games I'm actively playing through.
*Games highlighted in <span style="color:blue;">'''blue'''</span> are games I am taking a break on.
::<span style="color:red;">'''''Donkey Kong Country Returns'''''</span> — First playthrough, attempting a 100% file
::<span style="color:blue;">'''''Super Mario 3D Land'''''</span> — First playthrough, also attempting to collect all the star coins
::<span style="color:purple;">'''''Minecraft'''''</span> — Hopelessly addicted.

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Swag warning: His favorite underpants!
Kirby walk adventure
Whatever. I guarantee you there is no caption below this picture. Seriously.
Name Pie
Gender Male
Age 13 (birthday is January 18th)
Location Redding, California
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Height 5' 02"
Weight 100 lbs.
Favorite Character Not Predictable™
Favorite Copy Ability Ninja
Favorite Game Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
User Rank The norm

Hi! Well, to kick things off, my name is Pie145, but you may call me Pie. I've been editing here since January 16, 2010, which was a couple of days shy from my twelfth birthday, retired (lulz), came back for a bit, forgot about this wiki, and now I'm coming back to it.

Who is this Pie person, anyway?

So yeah, as you've heard, I'm Pie. My real name's Derik, so if I know you quite well, you can address me as that. I'm an admin on SpongeBob Wiki but I'm planning to be more active in the future. I've editing Wikia since November 2009, creating an account a month after editing as an IP. This is technically the first mainstream wiki I've been editing at.

I live in the far northern part of California in the city of Redding, but I previously resided in the Bay Area before moving north. My college plans include hopefully getting accepted to UC Berkeley as a computer science major or UC Davis as a biology major. After college, my hometown plan is to move to Portland, Oregon or its metropolitan area.

I have one older sister, who attends Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I have one dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who is six and a half years old. I am a relatively quiet and studious person. Outside of school, I like to play soccer and I've played for six years for the city. I have played basketball, baseball and I do enjoy a game of frisbee golf at the local park.

Besides Kirby, I'm also a fan of the Legend of Zelda, Mario, Animal Crossing, Portal and a huge fan of the Mega Man classic series.

Yes, I am a brony.

Game Schedule

  • Games highlighted in red are games I'm actively playing through.
  • Games highlighted in blue are games I am taking a break on.
Donkey Kong Country Returns — First playthrough, attempting a 100% file
Super Mario 3D Land — First playthrough, also attempting to collect all the star coins
Minecraft — Hopelessly addicted.
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