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Hey there! I'm Peachyrose, formerly called RosesandTulips. I'm a big Kirby fan, I love playing Kirby games and drawing Kirby characters. In fact, I barely ever draw something that isn't Kirby! I also like collecting Kirby merchandise, especially plushies. Some other game series I like are Animal Crossing, Pikmin, and Paper Mario. I like to bake, make pixel art, write, and make crafts in my free time.

How I got into Kirby

A drawing I did of Magolor

I got into Kirby games when I went to replay Kirby's Epic Yarn, the first time I played the game I didn't like it much, but the second time, I loved it a lot. After that, I decided I wanted to learn more about Kirby, so I did. I kept seeing all of these interesting characters, and I decided that Kirby was my favourite video game series, even if I had just played one game.

Later I got some more Kirby games, Return to Dreamland, Kirby's Dream Collection, Canvas Curse, and Star Allies. Playing more of these games made me truly realize that Kirby is my favourite video game series.

Kirby Games I Own

Kirby's Dream Collection - Wii

Kirby's Return to Dream Land - Wii

Kirby Star Allies - Switch

Kirby's Epic Yarn - Wii

Kirby Canvas Curse - DS