Hello my name is Ophl1(Ophl everywhere else). My favorite game franchise is Kirby because of how fun the games are and how the anime is well done :). So I joined Kirby wiki to provide information about the Kirby games like trivia and extra information and the anime to show the anime edits that were made when localized in North America. Sometimes I may make a few mistakes when putting information so please tell me if I made any mistakes so I or someone else can fix it.


Favorite main character: Kirby

Least Favorite main character: I like all Kirby characters :D

Favorite enemy: Plasma wisp

Least Favorite enemy: Tac

Favorite ability: Mirror

Least Favorite ability: Copy

Favorite boss: Whispy Woods

Least Favorite boss: Mr.Bright and Mr.Shine

Favorite episode: Hatch Me If you Can

Least Favorite episode: Dark and Stormy Knight

Favorite Kirby game: Kirby's Return to Dreamland

Least Favorite Kirby game: Kirby's Star Stacker

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