My made up ability: Ultimate. It combines every ability from almost every Kirby game together into one super-ability. This is excluding one-use abilities, uber abilites (such as Master or Star Rod), and custom abilities found in Kirby's Dreamland 2, 3, Kirby 64, & Squeak Squad, and the abilities exclusive to the Kirby Anime. I shall now explain how each one has found its place into this compilation power.

  • Fire/Burning, Plasma/Spark, Ice/Freezing, and Tornado are all the elements mixed in above Kirby's tiara.
  • Hammer, Clean, and Parasol are Kirby's right weapon. The Hammer's head is at the top, with its body partially covered by the Parasol and the broom of Clean at the bottom.
  • Sword and Cutter both function as Kirby's pointed left weapon. He can slash with it as normal, or throw it in the same fashion as a boomerang. On it are 3 gems. The weapon can be waved to make these gems function for Beam, Mirror, and Magic. In addition, the sword-cutter is pointed and curved enough to act as a digging tool, making a substitute for Animal.
  • On Kirby's back are several things, notably the abilities of Cupid, Wing, and Hi-jump. His cape and wings automatically stay, but Kirby might have to exchange his hammer/broom/parasol in order to use his bow, which can launch his cutter-sword, or if he puts that away too, just regular cupid arrows.
  • Kirby can also grow Needles, turn into solid Stone, transform into both a Balloon and Ball, and roll up into his well-known Wheel form.

Along with this ability, Kirby automatically spawns a helper completely unique to this ability, known as Ultimefo. He is a UFO-like robot that can perform many tasks to aid Kirby, as well as use abilities that Kirby currently can't.

  • Ultimefo has various mechanical features, such as Jets, Lasers, and a suction tube that can come out from the bottom to suck up enemies and perform Throw and Suplex abilities.
  • He has sturdy, extendable arms that have fast reflexes and can perform Fighter techniques. His jets can also extend to act as leg-like limbs to further help him with this ability.
  • He can dispense of various objects, such as Bombs, Ninja shurikens, and even make use of a Yo-yo.
  • He has a second gun that can launch out Bubbles, and can extend a beam that can shrink foes to a Mini size, Copy some of their techniques, and even mind control them (almost as if it was possessing them like a Ghost).
  • Finally, Ultimefo comes with extra features, such as a handle bar that Kirby can hang onto via hooking the curve of his sword over it, two grippable bars behind him that can treat him like a Wheelie Rider, and an extra storage compartment that hold up to 5 objects.
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