Favorite game: Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Favorite character: Sir Meta Knight!

Birthday: I've lived so long that I can't even remember when.
Beliefs: In Sakurai we trust...
Favorite Kirby of the Stars

episode: Episode 3

Favorite quote: "Whaaaat!? Throw the Heavy Lobster at 'im!"-Captain Vul (Kirby Superstar Ultra)

Best example of Nintendo Logic: "Lower the sail! Increase right wing power!"-Meta Knight (Kirby Superstar [the Halberd would have gone into a death spiral])

An example of a member of a rare species known as game freaks.

Hello! Mentally insane Meta Knight fan, right back at ya! I aspire to be like other editors, torturing them with simple words if they get out of line with their--*ahem*--TRIVIA. If you see this uppity little character in the pages, you'd better run.

How did this monstrosity get to this earth???

I came to this planet in search of ENTERTAINMENT, and I made a great discovery. A controller attatched to a screen with lights flashing on it, solely to play VIDEOGAMES! Maybe this place is our planet's heaven! Now, thanks to my games and this wiki, I am now a major Meta Knight fan.(huh?) I owe (almost) everything I know about the Kirby series to this wiki and am glad to contribute to it, whether I just annoy people or am actually of some use.

My favorite games

  1. 1: Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (best game of all time)
  1. 2: Majora's Mask

#3: Mother 3

#4: Kirby Superstar Ultra

#5: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

#6: Kirby's Return to Dreamland

#7: Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland

  1. 8: Phantom Hourglass

#9: Mother

#10: Skyward Sword (horrible game;extremely overrated)

Random stuff about me

  • I am a major Meta Knight fan. I am also a major Meta Knight fan. Did I metion that I am a major Meta Knight fan?
  • I am a victim of the Hunger Games fan rush!
  • I HATE raywilliamjohnson. Anyone with me?
  • I have exactly 2 friends who know anything about videogames.
  • I LOVE the Kirby of the Stars series. It doesn't share the same elements as the games, but it is all right.
  • Why not Wynaut? Why? WHYYYYYYYY?????


WHAT?! My mom is a pineapple?!- another gamer friend

Pineapple Warrior Rainbow Kirby: A copy ability that should've existed.- Me

COME ON YA BEAUTIFUL HEDGEHOG!!!- Chuggaaconroy, fighting the Almost-Mecha Lion

You are about to perish. Do as you please.- Meta Knight

Some eat to live and some live to eat.- Verne

What's so epic about yarn?- Me

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror! Why is it so amazing? Because it was once Fred Rogers.- Nakateleeli

Shut up and eat your pears.- Katniss Everdeen, her philosophy on eating?

How absurd. I am his majesty's faithfull servant.(kicks down Dedede's car)- Meta Knight

I want to suffocate...- Me

Wow, looks like someone's having a siezure on the wiki!-what the administrators think about my edit patterns

Oh yeah, that pink blob...-a friend, listening to me yabberin' on about Kirby

20th Anniversary!

Soooooooooooooooooooooo.....We're celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Japanese release date of Kirby's Dreamland! Or... At least close to. Well, as any mentally insane Kirby fan would think: Awesome!(and I am a mentally insane Kirby fan.) So even though I'm a shitty editor, and am practically a disgrace to Kirby, I have my rights to be happy, too, right?

It's your 20th anniversary, Kirby! Let's celebrate!

You're our superstar!

1st game: Kirby's Dreamland (Hoshi no Kābī[Kirby of the Stars])

Made by: HAL Laboratory

JP: 04/27/92-04/27/12

NA: 09/01/92-09/01/12

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