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  • I live in Jack (Nicholson) City.
  • My occupation is your puny world.
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'''<gallery captionalign="left" captionsize="medium" captiontextcolor="#323574" bordercolor="#323574">
'''<gallery captionalign="center" captionsize="medium" captiontextcolor="#323574" bordercolor="#323574" orientation="none" spacing="medium" columns="dynamic" widths="192" captionposition="below">
086.png|Must...get...on Youtube...
086.png|Must...get...on Youtube...
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Hayauchi2.gif|Literally ''the only thing I like about Kirby on the Draw''.
Hayauchi2.gif|Literally ''the only thing I like about Kirby on the Draw''.
ImagesCA0OGU94.jpg|You may be wondering: ''Do you like Chuggaa or do you hate him?''
ImagesCA0OGU94.jpg|You may be wondering: ''Do you like Chuggaa or do you hate him?''
meta_knight_likes_tacos_fixed_by_metaknightepicness12.jpg|And yet, El Mariachi
meta_knight_likes_tacos_fixed_by_metaknightepicness12.jpg|El Mariachi
imagesCAUZH4F9.jpg|What happens to users who dislike this page.
imagesCAUZH4F9.jpg|What happens to users who dislike this page.
imagesCA95M7MK.jpg|And yet, El Mariachi
==Other sites that I like==
==Other sites that I like==

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Favorite game: Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Favorite character: Sir Meta Knight!

Birthday: I've lived so long that I can't even remember when.
Beliefs: In Sakurai we trust...
Favorite Kirby of the Stars

episode: Episode 3

Favorite quote: "Whaaaat!? Throw the Heavy Lobster at 'im!"-Captain Vul (Kirby Superstar Ultra)

Best example of Nintendo Logic: "Lower the sail! Increase right wing power!"-Meta Knight (Kirby Superstar [the Halberd would have gone into a death spiral])

An example of a member of a rare species known as game freaks.

Hello! Mentally insane Meta Knight fan, right back at ya! I aspire to be like other editors, torturing them with simple words if they get out of line with their--*ahem*--TRIVIA. If you see this uppity little character in the pages, you'd better run.

How did this monstrosity get to this earth???

I came to this planet in search of ENTERTAINMENT, and I made a great discovery. A controller attatched to a screen with lights flashing on it, solely to play VIDEOGAMES! Maybe this place is our planet's heaven! Now, thanks to my games and this wiki, I am now a major Meta Knight fan.(huh?) I owe (almost) everything I know about the Kirby series to this wiki and am glad to contribute to it, whether I just annoy people or am actually of some use.

My favorite games

  1. 1: Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (best game of all time)
  1. 2: Majora's Mask

#3: Mother 3

#4: Kirby Superstar Ultra

#5: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

#6: Kirby's Return to Dreamland

#7: Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland

  1. 8: Phantom Hourglass

#9: Mother

#10: Skyward Sword (horrible game;extremely overrated)

Random stuff about me

  • I am a major Meta Knight fan. I am also a major Meta Knight fan. Did I metion that I am a major Meta Knight fan?
  • I am a victim of the Hunger Games fan rush!
  • I HATE raywilliamjohnson. Anyone with me?
  • I have exactly 2 friends who know anything about videogames.
  • I LOVE the Kirby of the Stars series. It doesn't share the same elements as the games, but it is all right.
  • Why not Wynaut? Why? WHYYYYYYYY?????


WHAT?! My mom is a pineapple?!- another gamer friend

Pineapple Warrior Rainbow Kirby: A copy ability that should've existed.- Me

COME ON YA BEAUTIFUL HEDGEHOG!!!- Chuggaaconroy, fighting the Almost-Mecha Lion

You are about to perish. Do as you please.- Meta Knight

Some eat to live and some live to eat.- Verne

What's so epic about yarn?- Me

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror! Why is it so amazing? Because it was once Fred Rogers.- Nakateleeli

Shut up and eat your pears.- Katniss Everdeen, her philosophy on eating?

How absurd. I am his majesty's faithfull servant.(kicks down Dedede's car)- Meta Knight

I want to suffocate...- Me

Wow, looks like someone's having a siezure on the wiki!-what the administrators think about my edit patterns

Oh yeah, that pink blob...-a friend, listening to me yabberin' on about Kirby


Other sites that I like

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