I shall return!Marx SoulPopstar WILL be mine!

Marx Wraith
Hoshi no Marx by Basil Ovelby
Gender Male
Age 19, yeah shocking right?
Location Sitting on Nova's windvane ready to conquer Pop Star!!
Hair color brown
Eye color brown
Weight why do you need to know that?
Favorite Character

Marx,Dedede,Kirby (character),Dark Matter,Zero

Basically anything that's Final Boss Material.

Favorite Copy Ability

Hammer(insanely over- powered means awesome)

Paint( I'm an artist afterall)

Sword(old reliable)

Favorite Game The one with Marx in it, need I say more.
User Rank Marx's mind peircing dimensional scream!!!

Kirby is an epic blend of happy cute characters, beautiful sweeping locales and some of the creepiest villians HAL and Nintendo can provide. Lets just keep our fingers crossed for that Wii game to be coming within a year or so and of course the long anticipated third coming of that lovable giant blood-filled eyeball Zero. Also we must not forget the epicness that is Marx, never has such a cute little critter so fiendishly used Kirby to further their malevolent goals and come so close to achieving it at the same time, here's hoping he comes back for a Third Round......that will be a dream come true.

Five reasons Marx is THE Kirby villian

Marx human

Fear Me.

  1. His cuteness belies his evil intentions
  2. He got Kirby to do all the hard work
  3. He's got an awesome laugh
  4. He's got an awesome theme
  5. He'll be back

This user is a fan of the Zelda series but also believes that the split of fanbase on Cel-Shading and Realism that sometimes occurs is ridiculous for a simple reason : If you are fan of the series you should be happy there is another game at all regardless of graphics.

This user also finds that the english name Marx sounds much more menacing than his Japanese name Mark and those that call him that shall feel the fury of MARX!!!

Realm of Marx

Kirby vs. Marx

Commence destroying your eardrums in 3...2...

You are entering a Realm beyond imagination, a Realm where not everything is Black and White, a Realm where freakish creatures reside, you are entering the Marx Zone......Marx's Arena

Game Compendium

Kirby loves Ramen

I love playing games almost as much as Ramen...Mmmm....Ramen.

Games I own

Kirby games-

Kirby Super Star Ultra Kirby Squeak Squad Super Smash Bros Melee Super Smash Bros Brawl

Other Nintendo games I own-

Super Mario Sunshine Paper Mario: TTYD Super Paper Mario Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story New Super Mario Bros. Wii , Luigi's Mansion

Metroid Prime Metroid Prime 2 Metroid Prime 3 Metroid: Other M

Pokemon Saphire Pokemon Ruby Pokemon Emerald Pokemon Colosseum Pokemon XD Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon Diamond Pokemon HeartGold

Pikmin 2

Zelda: Wind Waker Zelda: The Minish Cap Zelda: Twilight Princess Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Non-Nintendo Games- Chrono Trigger (Greatest RPG ever made) Halo 3 Budakai Tenkaichi 2 various others I can't place in memory

Epic Music Corner

thumb|300px|left|She was and will forever be the hardest Final Boss I have ever fought,she definitely lived up to her reputation laid down in PMTTYD " A Demon from the Dark Beyond that destroyed an entire advanced city in but a single day".....that and she is scary as hell. O_o

thumb|300px|right|The Theme of my Soul.

thumb|right|300px|The truly awesome theme for the final phase of the Final Battle agaisnt Yami " The Eternal Lord of Darkness" fittingly called "Rising Sun" from....really do I have to tell you what game?

thumb|left|300px|The uplifting and inspiring Final Battle theme from an underappreciated game.

thumb|300px|left|The Super Mari-OOO RPG rap YO!

thumb|300px|left|This is probably the most powerful remix of O2 ever, with it nicely contrasting the terror Zero has always permeated on apperance as well as his tragic origins and resentment and envy towards those who can feel love.

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