(I'll be remaking my profile, because this is old... This in under construction.)

Who this user is

Hey there, I'm MagicMirrorKirby. You can call me MMK if you want, or what I'm usually called on other websites, Gigi. I'm just your average teenager girl that likes videogames and stuff like that. Probably the most interesting thing about me is my nationality, as I'm Brazilian. Yey.

I really like Kirby, that's why I'm here in this Wiki. I'm not sure why I decided to become active here again since when I joined in 2011, but I'm here anyway.

Why is this user called that

Mirror is my favorite Copy Ability until today, so huh, Mirror Kirby. The Magic part is there because Magic used to be my second favorite Ability (nowadays I have many Abilities that are my second favorites), so I fused them. Not only that, by the time I created this account, Pokémon Black and White had been released in Japan, but not anywhere else. My favorite Pokémon, Espeon, had gotten a very cool Dream World Ability, called "Magic Mirror". So, I figured out his username could be cool. Yes, I know the English named ended up being "Magic Bounce", but who cares?

What this user does

Other than that boring thing called school and browsing this Wiki? I play videogames, I use Tumblr, I work on a Kirby fan comic, I use Skype to chat with my friends. Yeah, that's about it.

Other things this user likes

I'm a big music fan, so I love videogames OSTs. This obviously includes Kirby music, that is amazing.

Other games series I like include Pokémon, Ace Attorney, Mario Kart and Rhythm Heaven. I freak out about things related to Kirby, and so I do with things related to these series.

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