Leaf Magics

aka Luis

  • I live in México
  • I was born on November 15

Hello! I joined this wiki in 2011, though I wasn't active until recently.

I'll use my userpage to write down any Kirby-related thing I do. I may think of something more interesting to put in here later.

Games I've played

Episodes I've watched

I've actually watched almost all of them, but it would take a long time to list them all, so I only listed the ones I have watched in english.

Things I've done or plan to do

In the wiki

  • Added the enemy list of every world in Kirby's Dream Land 2.
  • Added the enemy list of Neo Star, as well as more detailed level descriptions and crysal locations.
  • Added new images of all the Top Ride courses.
  • Added all checklist tasks related to Free Run mode on its own page. I'll add a list of every task on the Checklist page as soon as I can, since it seems there isn't one yet.
  • Some corrections and additions to the Top Ride items page.
  • Other smaller things.

In the games

I've completed most of the games I own, though I still have some things left to do in Mass Attack.


I've been slowly making cards for a Kirby TCG; sice there isn't an official one I figured I might as well make one the way I wanted. I've mostly made enemies, though there are a few item cards in it too. My goal is to make a card of every creature from the Kirby games.

I've also made a few small fangames on Game Maker, though most are quite old or unfinished.

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